Security Officer


Responsible for day to day security operations in accordance with the ship’s security plan. Responsible for the Security Training of all crew Investigating Officer in all Acts of Crime and Security Incidents happening onboard Responsible for the maintenance of the security equipment as directed by AMOS, and ensuring that a ready supply of consumables is always available. Responsible for maintaining security records, DOS, Gangway Log Sheets, Equipment Maintenance Records, Security Patrol Log Sheets, Training Records and Visitor Records. Documents to be retained onboard for a period of 6 months.

To be fully conversant with the ISPS Code and the SSP To brief the Captain and Staff Captain of the counter measures that may be required when operating at a higher security level. To conduct a monthly table top exercise with the Bridge Team and Senior Officers which should cover but not be limited to Piracy, Anti Stow Away Procedures, Procedures for Explosive package found on the x-ray machine at the gangway. Ensure that a Bomb Search Exercise is conducted on a quarterly basis, as stated in the SSP Constantly review the SSP and SMS and onboard implementation looking for ways to improve. Forward any recommendations to the CSO via the Staff Captain.

Ensure that the MAA’s are fully trained and knowledgeable in the operation of their duties at the gangway, while on patrol and in a security emergency response operation at all 3 security levels. Ensure that any crew member that has a security duty is suitably trained and equipped to perform that duty; ie, Shell Door Sentry, Female Body Searcher etc. To Liaise with Port Authorities and establish a good working relationship with those authorities in a regular port of call. Enforce the Masters Standing Orders & Company Regulations Onboard. Be familiar with applicable safety requirements and take an active role in ensuring a high Safety Standard as outlined in SMS, CBA Code of Conduct & Masters Standing Orders.

Be familiar with the relevant MARPOL Environmental requirements and have a thorough knowledge of all company Environmental Requirements. Be familiar with the Company Code of Conduct and assist with the implementation and supervising of the same. Responsible to the Staff Captain for maintaining the ships master key issuing and record keeping, as per the SMS list of authorised master key holders.

Be familiar with company's Health & Safety, Environmental, Safety & Security Policy and the SMS 2008, and carry out the policy and procedures as appropriate to their position (Also his responsibilities in the Safety organization according to the Emergency Plan & Station Bill. Also ensuring that the MAA’s are fully conversant with the same. Other duties as required in shipboard operating routines. Assist the Hotel Dept. by opening and organizing the maintenance of safes in guest’s suit.