Second Officer


The Master for all Navigational and Watchkeeping issues. The Master for all GMDSS issues. The Staff Captain for all other issues. The Second Officer shall be a bridge officer of the watch and normally have the 0800 – 1200 and 2000 to 2400 duty.

Maintain a safe navigational watch as assigned by Master, in accordance with SMS (BPG) Master’s Standing Orders and Night Order Book. As the ship’s dedicated GMDSS Operator will maintain all GMDSS equipment as required including all required testing and maintaining GMDSS log and AMOS. Documentation, testing as per and GMDSS Log as per SMS and BPG. Keep the Master informed at all times of the navigational progress of the voyage. Will ensure established Amver and other Voyage Reporting routines are carried out as instructed.

Be familiar with and Adhering to all Environmental requirements including Internal reporting (ECR, Senvo, Master etc) as well as external Reporting requirements to coastal Authorities, etc. Prior to signing off vessel, prepare a Hand over list for the relieving officer. This list to include a status report of all navigational equipment. Copy be given to Master. Maintain Bridge Watches as assigned by Master.

Monitor vessel operation (including tender operation) as outlined in SMS and MSO. Be familiar with and assist in monitoring that Port Manning requirements as per SMS and/or Masters Instructions are in place. Be familiar with and participate in Mooring/anchoring operation. Responsible for the maintenance of all flags, ensigns and shapes. Assist Staff Captain with calculating vessel trim and stability prior to dep. Tender driving as required by Staff Captain Water Sport. Participate in Water Sport Activities – including training - as directed by Staff Captain. Emergency Duties as set out in the Ship’s Emergency plan.

Be familiar with applicable Safety requirements and take an active role in ensuring a high Safety Standard as outlined in Company SMS, CBA Code of conduct and Masters Standing Orders. Assist as required with all aspects of Safety and Operational Training. Participate in all Safety and Security Operation/Drills. Participate in Ship Inspections. Be fully familiar with all relevant MARPOL Environmental requirements as pertaining to the position and have a General knowledge of all Company Environmental Requirements.

Be fully familiar with the Company Code of Conduct policies and assist with the implementation and supervising of same. During the Night and after watch, the Officer will make safety/security rounds around the vessel as instructed by Staff Captain. Other duties as required in shipboard operating routines. Participate in Ship and Equipment Inspections as required by Staff Captain.

Make efforts to be familiar with the duties of the next ranking officer so as to be able to take over if needed. Be familiar with AMOS system as pertain to his function. Assist with the training of Deck Ratings. Other duties as required in shipboard operating routines. Other duties as assigned by the Staff Captain. He has to make himself familiar with all aspects of the Watch Officer’s duties and Safety Officer’s (LSA/FF) duties. Be familiar with company's Health, Environmental, Safety and Security policies.