Staff Captain


2nd in Command, assisting and Advise the Master on all operational issues, department Head Deck, Member of Ship Management Team. Oversee work permit procedures for deck department. Budget control for the Deck Department. This includes inventory control, responsible for proper planning and use of all internal and external resources available. Provide visible leadership by example. Statutory Ship Security Officer (SSO) Ensure that the Company Security Policy is complied with.

Responsible for oversight of the administration of the Hospital Understudy the Master and be prepared to assume command should it become necessary Deputize for the Master as required by Master.

Assist with Bridge Watch keeping duties as required. Ship’s Stability Officer. Will ensure that stability calculations are made for the intended voyage. Responsible to ensure Validation Calculations of the Stability Computer is made in accordance with Ship’s Stability Booklet. Maintenance and appearance of the hull and external areas of the ship, tenders and all internal areas excluding machinery spaces. Responsible for tank maintenance. Responsible for Tender operation. Tender Schedules to be coordinated with travel manager. Water Sports.

Responsible to Master for all safety and operational aspects of water sport activities including training as per SMS. Familiarization of new Bridge Officers. Arrange schedule with appropriate Supervisors for all Induction Training and familiarization as per SMS HRP 014. except for Navigational training/familiarization which Master will arrange. Ensure appropriate safety crew training is carried out on an ongoing basis and that such training is documented in MAPS. Be familiar with applicable Safety requirements and take an active role in ensuring a high Safety Standard as outlined in Company SMS, Code of conduct and Masters Standing Orders. Emergency Duties as laid down in the shipboard Muster List Responsible for constant readiness of all Life Saving Appliances. Responsible for constant readiness of all Fire Fighting Equipment except for all fixed fire Fighting Systems (sprinklers etc) which is the Chief Engineers responsibility. USPH.

With the Chief Engineer, has responsibility for potable water, disinfection and monitoring. Responsible to train and assign competent person to connect Potable water hoses, take water samples from PW on pier, monitor the Chlorine PPM on bunker line onboard. Monitor PW sampling and bacterial testing. Is responsible for pest control throughout the ship and will ensure infestation is kept to a minimum.

Is responsible for monitoring the onboard Pools and Whirlpools. Ensuring that all accidents and dangerous occurrences of whatever degree are properly investigated and all Investigative Reports are properly drawn up and submitted to the Master. May be Nominated deputy for the Environmental Officer on a short term basis. Be familiar with relevant MARPOL Environmental requirements and have a thorough knowledge of all Company Environmental Requirements. Maintain discipline and order on board as per Company Policies.