Master / Captain


The Master is directly responsible to Vice President Marine & Technical Operation for the safe operation of the vessel.His primary responsibility must always be the safe navigation and conduct of the ship. The Master is responsible for the overall operation of the ship and takes rank and precedence over all souls on board.

Prior to departure he shall ensure that the vessel is seaworthy in all respects and prepared for the conditions anticipated for the voyage including correct trim and stability. Seaworthy conditions include: Vessel trim and stability calculated for the voyage and is within acceptable conditions as per vessel Stability Book. Through the Doctor, is responsible for the medical care of all persons onboard. Berth to berth passage planning conducted.

All vessels’ charts, publications, papers, documents, including Certificates for the intended Voyage are up to date and valid. Vessel Safe manning is in accordance with requirements from Authorities and Company Policy. Sufficient amount of bunkers, provisions, stores and safely stowed. That required nautical /technical equipment is tested and operational as per SMS checklists. That required Fire and Lifesaving equipment are in good working order and ready for immediate use. Vessel clearance obtained from Authorities It is the Masters final decision whether or not to proceed to sea, and he shall advise the Company immediately should he consider it unsafe.

The master has the overriding authority to make essential decisions, take any steps necessary and issue any orders for the preservation of life, safety of the ship and protection of the environment, and to request the Company's assistance as may be necessary. This responsibility cannot be delegated. The Master will always command the support of management, if he exercises the fullest care and judgement which he believes is in the best interest of the safe navigation and the running of the ship.

The executions of the voyage and all it implies are entrusted to the Master. It is for him to justify his responsibility and to respect the degree of authority given to him by keeping a close watch on every part of the organisation of the ship. The Master is responsible for the overall implementation, operation and review of the Safety and Quality Management system on his vessel and compliance with Company policy and International requirements relative to Safe Navigation, Safety of Life, Property and Protection of the Environment and must familiarize himself with such regulations.

Overall responsible for vessel budget as instructed by VP Marine & Technical Operation. He is the Company’s onboard representative in matters regarding Authorities, Agents. Charterers etc. Issuing appropriate orders to the crew in a clear and simple manner. He is to ensure that the Staff Captain, as his deputy, is fully aware of all aspects of the ship's operation, so that he is able, if required, to assume command immediately. He should take the opportunity, when convenient, of mixing informally with passengers. Prior to signing off vessel, prepare a Hand over list for the relieving officer. Maintain Ship’s Certificate File as per AMOS listing. Be familiar with Seabourn Health, Environmental, Safety and Security Policy and the SMS2008, and carry out the policies