Chief Repairman


• Performs major and specialized mechanical overhaul and repair work in marine equipment to determine needs for repairs or adjustments.
• Repair and maintenance of hydraulic equipment and valves.
• Operates hand and power tools associated with marine engine and equipment.
• Team leader of engine room daily workers.
• Supervise and assist in training of Mechanic and Asst. Mechanic.
• Notify the Engine Storekeeper regarding working consumables to be ordered.
• Preventing spares and tools from being damaged due to poor handling or exposure to the weather.
• Implement all safe working practices in all tasks, including proper use of watertight doors, handling of chemical products and usage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

• Experience on vessels in equivalent position.
• Knowledge of the Company SMS.
• Skills including but not limited to:
o Team Work
o Engine Room Experience

• Excellent administrative skills;
• Strong leadership skills and practice ‘leadership by example;
• Outgoing personality, open minded and flexible;
• Ability to work in an international environment;
• Ability to perform well under pressure;
• Excellent appearance and communication skills;
• Well organized;

• Excellent communication skills.
• Respect for all co-workers and guests
• Pride in your work by creating positive energy, excitement and fun
• Outgoing personality, open minded and flexible
• Able to work 7 days a week
• Demonstrate positive behaviors; smiling, being polite and courteous
• Able to develop a camaraderie with team members
• Ability to work in an international environment;
• Ability to live in close quarters and share limited space with other cabin-mates
• Ability to work under pressure and maintain a pleasant working environment
• Excellent appearance
• To be able to meet all pre joining requirements.