Ordinary Seaman OS



1. Executes general maintenance, repair, sanitation and upkeep of material equipment and areas within the Deck department.
2. Assists with general maintenance (to include but not limited to the following):
a. Chipping.
b. Scraping.
c. Cleaning.
d. Priming.
e. Painting.

3. Maintains a clean and orderly working area. Ensures that all work materials and equipment are properly stowed.
4. Carries out maintenance on lifeboats, rescue boats and liferafts, emergency and damage control gear.
5. Responsible to be familiar with the operation and location of all lifesaving, fire-fighting and pollution prevention equipment.
6. Attends the mooring operations on arrival and departure.
7. Secures the gangway for shore and sea going operations.
8. Will participate in the tendering operations under the Staff Captain’s instruction when the vessel is at anchor ensuring that the tender operations are performed in a safe manner and according to the schedule.
9. Will participate in the safe zodiac operation as per Staff Captains instructions.
10. Ensures sea worthiness of the vessel.
11. Responsible to the Officer on duty to maintain a safe deck watch and ensure that the vessel remains securely moored.
12. Have a full knowledge of every aspect of safety features of the vessel.
13. Participates in the loading of deck department provisioning.
14. Keeps the Staff Captain, Officer on duty and Bosun promptly and fully informed of all problems and matters of significance.
15. Accountable for ensuring that Company, National and International standards are maintained and meeting requirements.
16. Practices good people management, maintaining proper conduct within the Deck department and other departments around the ship.
17. Observes and enforces uniform and grooming standards according to Company policies.
18. All other duties as assigned.