Resort General Manager


Job Purpose

To create and maintain a customer-driven hotel using a guest-focused vision that inspires hotel employees to perform at their best. Oversee the quality process to ensure customer satisfaction through consistent delivery of both product quality and service in alignment with the hotel's profitability goals. Take full responsibility and develop strategic plans to ensure achievement of high standards in service, administration and operational management at all times.

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Essential Responsibilities

Success in this role will be measured by achievement of the following main functions and duties:

Quality Service Management

• Monitor work operations of all departments to ensure guests expectations are ontinually met.
• Create and maintain a positive guest-focused culture at all times.
• Ensure the property is monitored and checked for high levels of cleanliness and presentation.
• Act on any areas for improvement or repair to ensure a high standard of appearance and operation.
• Monitor guest questionnaires/comments (including on-line), acting on deficiencies and promoting positive feedback.
• Meet, greet and ensure all VIPs are treated with appropriate measures and protocols.
• Follow up and respond to all guest complaints within 24 hours of receipt.
• Direct and oversee any ancillary business which may be allied to property operations.


• Maintain open communications with all team members, suppliers, guests, owners and corporate office personnel.
• Ensure communications from the leadership team are conducted effectively to all line employees to achieve maximum efficiency and in a way that demonstrates leadership values.
• Maintain regular and professional levels of communication to all members of the executive committee, clearly detailing all relevant information that may affect their departments.

• Provide forecasts of occupancy and rate performance in a timely manner and in accordance with the format requested.
• Complete necessary reports on a monthly basis or as requested reflecting results achieved; variances and actions for specified periods.
• Develop and implement approved business plans on an annual basis.
• Produce documentation for expenditure in accordance with the Accor group policies and procedures.

Financial Management

• Monitor financial performance closely to ensure adherence to budgets and achievement of owner returns
• Prepare and negotiate budgets with the assistance of the Financial Controller.
• Communicate departmental budgets to department heads, clearly explaining the purpose, expectations and support available for the departments to achieve their budgets.
• Liaise with the Financial Controller to ensure all aspects of the business are operating efficiently and profitably, acting on any variances or discrepancies.
• Ensure proper internal controls are in place and that regular audits are conducted on
• financial transactions to minimize theft, fraud or loss of revenue.
• Review all workbooks, statements and financial documents prepared by the Financial Controller for accuracy and provide proper reasons for variances to budget.
• Take appropriate measure to avoid any irregularities in the financial status of the property.
• Provide a monthly operations report to the VP Operations on the status of the property, and the forecasts, in accordance with established deadlines.
• Present financial information at Executive Committee meetings, shareholder or owner meetings.
• Ensure all financial information remains confidential and stored in a safe and secure place.

Asset Management

• Maintain all assets in a clean and well-presented manner and in good working order.
• Ensure all assets are monitored to ensure minimal damage and wear and tear.
• Inspect all equipment and building structures to ensure maintenance schedules have been adhered to.
• Prepare relevant capital expenditure documentation and seek approval of designated expenditure authority prior to purchase of any asset.
• Review all physical controls and management of assets with the Financial Controller.
• Monitor all assets to ensure employees and contractors use and maintain physical plant and assets in accordance with manufacturer's specifications.

Owner Relations (where applicable)

• Attend owner, shareholder, board or Annual General meetings, as required.
• Maintain an appropriate level of communication with all and any owners ensuring at all times that information provided is appropriate, accurate and within company Guidelines.
• Ensure immediate response to any owner enquiries directly, or make sure that an appropriate hotel employee responds accordingly.
• Complete owner updates as required.

Human Resource Management
• Monitor productivity at the property by reviewing all payroll and revenue reports.
• Monitor the effective recruitment and selection of new employees in accordance with the group's standard operating procedure manuals.
• Ensure all employees take part in orientation and other training programs.
• Anticipate long-term recruitment needs to minimize disruption to workflow, efficiency and productivity.
• Forecast labor costs per the forecasting requirements; weekly, monthly and annually.
• Manage the effective use of group and departmental policies & procedures, employee handbooks and other materials made available to employees.
• Monitor employee satisfaction and identify methods for continual improvement.
• Ensure regular and appropriate meetings are conducted with managers and
• departments.
• Act in a manner and ensure managers act in a manner that demonstrates high standards of leadership values.
• Counsel employees having difficulty with work-related issues, attitudinal problems or conflicts.
• Issue and document written or verbal warnings in accordance with the group's policy & procedure manuals.
• Conduct annual performance appraisals of all department managers.
• Monitor all departments for the timely and accurate recording of performance appraisals.

Sales and Marketing

• Assist the Cluster's Sales & Marketing team by providing information requested in a timely manner.
• Provide recommendations for sales & marketing initiatives that could be effectively implemented by the property or group.
• Monitor all sales & marketing initiatives and provide relevant statistical information.
• Actively promote sales & marketing initiatives to hotel employees and guests.
• Monitor major client group activities.
• Institute and operate an effective upsell program in all revenue centers.

Liquor License Management

• Follow the specific requirements of the liquor license such as those covering licensed areas, license type and licensed hours.
• Continually promote best practice in responsibly serving alcohol.
• Ensure conflict resolution techniques are effectively used when dealing with issues related to intoxication.
• Provide support and assistance for employees when dealing with an intoxicated guest.

Statutory Requirements

• Act as the company's representative in all legal and regulatory matters that refer to the roles and responsibilities of the manager or employer.
• Keep up-to-date on all legislation and regulation that affects the operation and management of the property.
• Ensure all aspects of Equal Employment Opportunity practice are adhered to at all times.
• Maintain a safe and secure workplace by ensuring all employees follow Occupational Health & Safety laws and protocols.
• Ensure the property is complying with every law and regulation that affects day-to-day operations, such as but not limited to Human Resource Management, Food and Health Acts, Building and Safety Acts, and Licensing laws.

Project Management

• Assist with special projects for the company where requested.
• Utilize previous experience, learning and relevant qualifications to assist in the development of new projects.
• Undertake research and preparation for projects as requested.
• Prepare any requested documentation to the company's standards.
• Be available for presentations, meetings and site inspections as necessary.
• Assist with project delivery and implementation where appropriate.

Other Duties and Expectations

• Have a complete understanding of the Company's vision, mission, ethics and strategies.
• Regularly take part in professional development programs to enhance quality of service, knowledge or skills related to this position.
• Comply with all aspects of all regulatory legislation.
• Always act in the best interests of the company.
• Perform all duties as directed in a professional manner and without conflict.

Specific Job Knowledge Skills and Abilities

• The individual must possess the following knowledge, skills and abilities and be able to explain and demonstrate that he or she can perform the essential functions of the job:
• Knowledge of hotel operations, including marketing, financial management and reporting, security and safety programs personnel and labor relations, preparation of business plans, maintenance, budgeting and forecasting, quality assurance programs, hotel law, and the development of long-range planning.
• Leadership skills to motivate and develop staff and to ensure accomplishment of goals
• Able to set priorities, plan, organize, delegate and control.
• Ability to communicate effectively and understand the English language to communicate with management and staff — being persuasive, clear and to the point.
• Ability to formulate reports and communicate with the public, staff, corporate offices and owners in a way that is concise, well-organized, complete, clear and understandable.
• Ability to move throughout premises and visually inspect conditions including bending, stooping and reaching overhead.
• Ability to work effectively under time constraints and deadlines.

Occupational Health and Safety

• Identify and control all aspects of risk management and implement strategies to minimize incidents and accidents.
• Monitor, evaluate and implement strategies to ensure that safe and proper manual-handling techniques are employed by all employees.
• Review and update all necessary protective clothing, equipment and utensils to ensure the departments are operating with minimal risk.
• Monitor and assist in the review of all workplace incidents and accidents.
• Assist in the implementation of return-to-work plans for injured workers.
• Ensure all employees work under the strict guidance of Occupational Health & Safety laws and protocols, and identify any training needs.
• Ensure all equipment is serviced and maintained in a way that reduces risk or harm to employees, guests and visitors.
• Review employee knowledge on emergency procedures including evacuation, and implement training and refreshment on a regular basis.

Regular attendance in conformance with the standards established by Accor from time to-time, Is essential to successful performance of this position. Employees with irregular attendance will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment. Due to the cyclical nature of the hospitality industry, employees may be required to work varying schedules to reflect the business needs of the hotel.
Upon employment, all employees are required to fully comply with Accor rules & regulation for the safe and efficient operation of hotel facilities. Employees who violate Hotel rules and regulations will be subject to disciplinary action including termination of employment.


Knowledge and Experience

• Relevant tertiary qualification in Hotel Management required
• Overseeing full service resorts in Phuket, branded as Novotel and Swissotel. Large properties ranging from 200-400 rooms.
• Minimum of five years experiences as General Manager Experience in all phases of hotel management, including sales & marketing
• in a first class hotel organization, daily management of all areas of operations involving human resources, food and beverage, budget management, rooms,
housekeeping, resort maintenance, landscaping and wildlife, and administration of services, i.e., water sports and optional activities.
• Certified Hotel Administrator (CHA). CPR Certification required. First Aid training preferred
• All employees must maintain a neat, clean and well-groomed appearance in accordance with the employee Handbook.
• Certified Hotel Administrator (CHA). CPR Certification required. First Aid training preferred.
• Additional language ability preferred.


• Excellent command of the English language.
• Relevant and extensive premium hotel/ resort management experience where initiative, organizational and advance planning skills.
• Outstanding guest relations and communications skills and the ability to relate to and resort guests from a wide range of nationalities and backgrounds.
• Ability to communicate to the resort team the business goals, as well as the resort specific goals, and to encourage and support initiatives, which may assist those goals.
• Strong leadership, organizational and administrative skills and good understanding of business and finance and Strong budgeting and forecasting skills.
• Relevant tertiary qualifications in Tourism / Hospitality Management or equivalent are an advantage.
• Understanding of large, multi-cultural organizations.

Please forward up to date resume with picture included to: