To provide medical services to all Guests and Crew members. The Nurse shall assist the Senior Doctor, and Staff Captain in all shipboard health-related matters including outbreak prevention, and illness reporting as required by international, national and Company policies.

- Ability to diagnose and treat a broad range of medical conditions.
- Ability to perform minor surgery such as suturing, removal of benign skin lesions, removal of foreign objects, removal of ingrown toenails, identification of and immobilizing of simple fractures.
- Maintains Guest injury, and illness logs and medical notes. Completes all paperwork associated with various medical situations.
- Maintain Crewmember illness logs, medical files, and maintains their current physical examinations.
- Maintains Acute Gastroenteritis log for U.S.P.H. and reports as required.
- Prepares and maintains records of Medical Center charges.
- Executes Code Alpha procedures.
- Executes air and land evacuation procedures.
- Trains and leads stretcher teams in Fire and Lifeboat drills, and first-aid training for Crewmembers.
- Obtain and tests water samples and cultures for growth of Coliform organisms.
- Performs weekly checks of emergency equipment, maintenance of all Medical Center equipment, and orders medical supplies, and equipment.
- Sterilizes surgical instruments.
- Maintains current medications in lifeboat canisters once yearly.
- Provides first aid supplies for first aid boxes.
- Properly disposes of hazardous wastes and used sharps (needles, syringes).
- Actively participants in Crewmember education and training programs.
- Maintains records and narcotic counts.
- Prepares and submits a list of accidents/injuries by department for the monthly Crew Safety and Environmental Committee meetings.
- Assists in mandatory random drug testing.
- The Nurse needs to be available at all times in order to assist the Doctor or Senior Doctor with any medical cases.
- Must be familiar with the Safety Management System (SMS), and carry out the policies and procedures appropriate for his/her position.



- Bachelor of Science in Nursing or equivalent is required.
- Current certification in Advanced Cardiac Life Support, within one year of application.
- Valid US Nursing License.


- A minimum of three (3) years clinical experience after graduation.
- Minimum of one (1) year experience working in the Emergency Room (ER) Department, Intensive Care Unit (ICU) or Coronary Care Unit (CCU) is required.
- Minimum of one (1) year experience performing Basic Life Support is required
- Valid US Nursing License.
- Fluent in the English language.