3rd Officer


The Gig:

We are on the hunt for a super talented ‘someone’ who is passionate about voyage planning!

Safe Navigation gets us excited and we assume it has the same effect on you! This ‘someone’ will plan & conduct the Safe Navigation & will maneuver our gorgeous ship... Our incredible 3rd officer will work side by side with the Snr. Watchkeeping Officer in the navigation of the vessel safely and securely through open waters and other situations.

In other words, this ‘someone’ needs to know how to Make Ship Happen. Your excellent attention to detail and self-starter mentality means you can think quick on your feet and keep calm when ship gets real. Ultimately, we won’t be able to remember how we got by without you.

What You’ll be Up To:

- Required to prepare and complete elements of the Cruise Information Pack as required by the 1 st Officer and the Voyage Planning Procedures including but not limited to bridge manning schedule, watertight door schedule, gangway schedule, tidal information, environment schedule and sunrise/sunset times

- Assist other Deck Officers in monitoring, interpreting and applying meteorological information such as wind speed and direction, swell height and period, tides, currents and weather forecasts, identifying and reporting issues early to ensure adjustments to the voyage can be made accordingly

- Assists the Safety Officer in checking, testing and making minor repairs/maintenance to safety and lifesaving gear/equipment, correcting charts and publications, assisting with passage planning and oversight of deck maintenance

- Assists in the safe mooring/anchoring of the vessel

- Work effectively with other members of the watch team to identify dangers, such as approaching ships and other navigational hazards

- Assists with stability as and when required

- Assist with Tender Operations when required


Superpowers Required:

- OOW Deck Unlimited COC
- Minimum 6 months’ experience as Deck Watchkeeping Officer onboard a Ship.
- All certificates as required by the STCW code for this position.
- Strong written and verbal skills.
- Fully conversant in Navigational procedures.