Cruise Line Assistant Chef


REPORTING STRUCTURE: Immediate supervisor is the Head Chef


Responsible for all of the baking onboard as well as prep work, some ordering, cleanliness of galley & food storage areas and assisting the Head Chef.


- Baking: Desserts and fresh baked breads
- Prep Work: Preparing a variety of salads as well as assisting the Chef with the main course
- Cleanliness of the Galley and all food storage areas
- Must be familiar with Health Regulations and be able to maintain them.
- Galley Stores: Maintaining inventory and cleanliness of all food storage areas
- Loading and organizing of ships supplies.
- Assist the Chef whenever needed



- Physical Requirements: Must be able to climb or descend ladder-ways, and fit into tight spaces such as hatches. Ability to work long hours (on average 12 hours) 7 days a week.
- Must have a valid US Passport
- Must be at least 18 years of age, and a US citizen (or eligible to work in the U.S.).
- High school or college education preferred.
- Related experience preferred.
- Must possess communication and interpersonal skills, be able to live and work with others in tight working and living environment
- Possess positive, customer-oriented attitude