Cruise Line Cruise Director/Hotel Manager


REPORTING STRUCTURE: Immediate supervisor is the Captain


Shipboard management position overseeing all passenger relations, hotel department, and all onboard finances & paperwork.


- Management of day to day activities involving passengers.
- Responsible for overseeing and managing restaurant and hotel staff members
- Oversees the restaurant and hotel department training, ensuring competency in all tasks they are assigned, including passenger safety.
- Oversees the restaurant and hotel department training in proper use of equipment and cleaning chemicals to promote a safe working environment
- Maintains ship’s office and bookkeeping.
- Inventories and orders supplies when needed.
- Maintains Customs and Immigration forms as directed by the Captain.



- Physical Requirements: Physical strength and stamina. Must be able to climb or descend ladderways and fit into tight spaces such as hatches. Ability to work long hours (on average 12 hours) 7 days a week.
- Must have a valid US Passport
- Must be allowed entrance to Canada
- Must be at least 18 years of age, and a US citizen (or eligible to work in the U.S.).
- High school or college education preferred.
- Related experience highly preferred.
- Must possess communication and interpersonal skills, be able to live and work with others in tight working and living environment
- Possess positive, customer-oriented attitude