Safety Officer


We’re on an exciting journey to create one of the most irresistible travel brands in the world and are building an epic team to help make our ambition a reality. We are on the hunt for a super talented ‘someone’ who is passionate about keeping ship safe.

We will lean on this ‘someone’ to keep our Sailors (guests) & Crew safe onboard. They will oversea & lead our fabulous Deck Crew! Sound interesting to you?! … Keep reading!

In other words, this ‘someone’ needs to know how to Make Ship Happen. Your excellent attention to detail and self-starter mentality means you can think quick on your feet and keep calm when ship gets real. Ultimately, we won’t be able to remember how we got by without you.

What You’ll be Up To:

- MainIdentify, plan, arrange and conduct, or oversee and assess all training in safety matters onboard

- Be fully conversant with the company’s Safety and Environmental Management System (SEMS) and monitor that Departmental Heads are instructing crew members in the SEMS along with monitoring that all requirements in the system are followed

- Responsible for the completion of Quarterly Safety Rounds ensuring that at least once every 3 months every passenger, crew, service and technical space is inspected. The inspection should be the fundamental scrutiny of the description, labeling, usage, condition, protection, access/egress etc. of each space and its contents

- Compiles report identifying inspected areas and any non-conformance found therein in line with the SMS

- Work with Line Managers and Supervisors to confirm they are aware of their safety responsibilities and they are ensuring the teams under their guidance are utilizing safety procedures and promoting safety awareness

- Incident and accident investigation, analysis and evaluation of Hazardous Occurrences and where appropriate, making recommendations to prevent recurrence for approval by the Master and monitoring that any recommendations approved are acted upon

- Responsible for ensuring that all crew are fully proficient in their duties and instructions according to the vessel’s Station Bill and Emergency Plan in accordance with the existing International and National Legislation

- Near miss investigation, analysis and evaluation and where appropriate, making recommendations to prevent occurrence and monitoring that any recommendations are acted upon

- Responsible for the implementation and conducting of Safety Training following the procedures and instructions established in company manuals including but not limited to, the Fleet Operations Manual, the Muster List/Bill, and the Shipboard Emergency Organisation if available

- Conduct Ship Induction and Training for all Vessel Personnel with particular reference to watertight doors, fire-fighting and lifesaving procedures and appliances

- Responsible for maintaining the Muster List and keeping it up to date, including coordination and organization of all aspects of the Shipboard Emergency Organisation including its current documentation and the distribution and display of relevant information

- Conduct appraisals and training for all Occupational Health and Safety Procedures including the Company's Safety Management System (policy, procedures, instructions, standing orders, rules and regulations)

- Responsible for the implementation of the Planned Maintenance System and the effective repair and maintenance of all fire-fighting equipment and life-saving appliances and other safety equipment assisted by the Staff Chief Engineer

- Attends mooring stations as instructed by the Staff Captain and supervises the crew assigned to mooring stations ensuring that mooring operations are conducted in accordance with the advice in the COSWOP

- Overall responsibility for operation and issuance of Permits to Work

- In charge of the overall implementation and supervision of the shipboard organization for movement of passengers en masse: such as the movement and evacuation of passengers in an emergency, embarkation, disembarkation, shore excursion etc.

- Responsible for the discipline and conduct of the Crew and Passengers regarding the Vessel’s emergency procedures for the muster of passengers. The Safety Officer must ensure all passengers and crew attend emergency drills

- Monitors, plans, conducts, coordinates and records the following training: Officer/Crew Familiarisation, Crowd Management, Crisis Management, Basic Safety Training

- Serve as the Chairman of the Crew Safety and Environmental Committee

- Train Mobile, Air, and Supply and Fire and Damage Control teams in the event no Fire Fighter is assigned to the vessel

- Responsible for updating the vessel’s Safety Bulletin Board

- Maintain, oversee and apply as required the Safety Training Library including computer-based interactive safety training modules


Superpowers Required:

- Masters Unlimited COC

- Minimum 2 years’ experience as Safety Deck Officer onboard a Passenger Ship

- Thorough understanding of Safety, Health and Environmental Protection Management System and MLC requirements

- All certificates as required by the STCW code for this position

- Strong written & verbal skills

- Fully conversant in ISM matters