The Gig:

We’re on an exciting journey to create one of the most irresistible travel brands in the world and are building an epic team to help make our ambition a reality. We are on the hunt for a super talented ‘someone’ who is passionate about driving our lovely ladyship!

This ‘someone’ has dreamt about being the first Captain to ever take out our ship, no pun intended! The Captain is go-to-guru for the safety & security of the vessel & is responsible for ensuring that our Crew & Sailors are happy, health, and high-spirited!

In other words, this ‘someone’ needs to know how to Make Ship Happen. Your excellent attention to detail and self-starter mentality means you can think quick on your feet and keep calm when ship gets real. Ultimately, we won’t be able to remember how we got by without you.

What You’ll Be Up To:

- Responsible for the effective management of the ship across all departments and has direct reports in terms of the Chief Engineer, Hotel Director, and Deputy Captain

- Responsible for the wellbeing of our crew and will be directly involved in the development and performance review of Deck Officers as well as ensuring the appraisal process, in all departments, is followed

- Sailor experience onboard is the responsibility of the Captain: they ensure that passengers are kept fully informed of events that may be of interest or concern to them.

- You are the main representative of the company and will be responsible for anything media related

- Ultimately responsible for disciplinary and conflict matters onboard and has the overall judgment on decisions made and responsible for completing the disciplinary process as per the disciplinary procedure.

- Act as Chair of the HESS (Health, Environmental, Safety & Security)

- Routinely review the Safety Management System to ensure its effectiveness

- Ensure follow up on any audits such as internal, flag, class, public health, and environmental

- Responsible for keeping our MARPOL records up to date

- Oversee the training in BRM principles and procedures and be the champion for this subject

- Where non-compliance is identified in an area of the ship's operation, this should be reported ashore at the earliest opportunity

- In the event of an emergency, you should take all necessary steps to promote the safety of life, property, and environment

- Ultimate responsibility in the safe formulation review and execution of voyage plans and safe navigation within and approves said plans

- Provide and issues as required relevant orders and instructions in an appropriate manner directing the safe and effective operation of the vessel

- Prepare appraisals & review and comment as needed

- Oversea the inspections, training, & meetings

- Monitor planned maintenance


Superpowers Required:

- Masters Unlimited COC

- Minimum 3 years’ experience as a Capt. onboard a Cruise Ship.

- Thorough understanding of Safety, Health and Environmental Protection Management System and MLC requirements.

- All certificates as required by the STCW code for this position

- Strong written & verbal skills

- ISM guru

- Genuine passion for people