Executive Chef f/m/d


- Reports to the Hotel Manager. Responsible for the overall supervision of the ship's Food operations, to include Crew and Room Service
- Coordinate the work of the various galley departments to achieve a smooth running operation. Coordinate the receipt, preparation and service of food in order to give the best product to the passenger whilst maintaining budgets.
- Maintain the high standards of quality and service established in the policies and procedures in the overall Food and Beverage Manual.
- Ensure that the department exceeds passenger's expectations, and that a positive atmosphere is maintained throughout the Food Department.
- Overall supervision of Public Health in all Food areas.
- Ensure guidelines and procedures are adhered to in accordance with the ISM Public Health Manual and that all Food areas throughout the ship is prepared for Public Health inspections.
- Supervise all food service functions in the public areas, restaurant, yacht club and Lido. Responsible for the supervision and evaluation of galley personal.
- Know and adhere to company regulations, SOP's and the SMS, especially where relevant to the Galley operation.
- To constantly operate in the interests of the Owner and Supplier.
- Maintain an accurate and up to date manual for completion of responsibilities as laid out in job description.
- The Executive Chef is directly responsible for the food cost onboard the vessel.
- He is to ensure that the quality of food production meets the standards set by the company, and at the same time does not exceed the budgeted cost.
- The Executive Chef must approve the requisitions of the galley section heads and ensure that correct ordering procedures are adhered to at all times.
- Furthermore, he is to ensure that quantities ordered are correct and online with the production planning.
- The Executive Chef is to ensure, that all food handling/controlling procedures in the galley are strictly followed.
- The food production is to be based on the concept outlined in the manual.
- The Executive Chef is directly responsible, that his galley section heads are fully aware of company standards concerning food production, food presentation, food handling, controlling procedures and the vessel sanitation and health program. Galley section heads are to be constantly evaluated by the Executive Chef and trained (re-trained) if required. Training must be including physical demonstrations of food preparation.
- The Executive Chef must be able to successfully lead a multi-national galley crew and be aware of methods to motivate the crew. He must be aware of the needs of the galley section heads and respective crew and do his utmost to meet all reasonable requests.
- All galley section heads and respective crew must be informed of menu and meal time changes, new products, passenger numbers and all relevant information concerning the galley.


- Must be aware of and able to follow Public Health standards and procedures
- Communication with the Executive Sous Chef and the Sous Chef must be respectful, friendly and professional.
- The guidelines and orders from the Management must be followed in the most efficient way.
- For every upcoming service the side dishes, soups and hot appetizers should be served as fresh as possible.
- Advise and guide Second Cooks and Assistant Cooks with preparation with particular focus on the cooking time of different items.
- All machines and equipment must be kept in good repair and must be handled with care at all times.
- All new galley crew are to be trained and supervised at all times.
- Daily contact and exchange of information with the Sous Chef is obligatory.
- Ensure, that the set standards are held and crew members work according to their respective job descriptions.

Qualification/ Experience:

- Computer knowledge of Word, Excel and Email.
- Must be self disciplined and be able to communicate with passengers and crew
- Must be a self motivated person with an eye for detail
- Ability to work alone and in a team
- Ability to communicate and understand and follow verbal and written instructions and see to completion to the task assigned.
- Ability to maintain confidentiality of company related issues.
- Maintain a high standard of personal grooming
- Ability to plan, organize and complete work in accordance with time deadlines.
- Able to work under pressure and handle stress.
- Trustworthy and Confidential person, Service and quality orientated and a good Decision maker
- At least 10 years of cuisine background is essential, additionally four years in the cruise ship industry required
- Must be skilled in international cuisine and having a good knowledge of food and modern cuisine. A good sense of diplomatic leadership of a multi national galley crew. The Executive C must be familiar with food-cost calculations, quality control, and production control of passenger and crew menus.
- Must have USPH experience and knowledgeable in HACCP regulations
- Must be knowledgeable in ISM regulation
- Intermediate, advanced and USPH Food Hygiene certificate