Executive Sous Chef


Reports to: Executive Chef

Main Responsibilities:

- Working in partnership with the Executive Chef. In the absence of the Executive Chef, is responsible for the overall operation of the galley (BL, BM for the Avon & Spey and Grampian)
- Assist the Executive Chef in directing and supervising of preparation and production, in accordance with the established company's menu and recipes, of all food on board to be served to both guests and crew taking into consideration dietary, religious and cultural requirements.
- Maintaining all related MRS (Minimum Requirement Standards) for Room Service, Traditional Tea Time, Canapé, Casual Dining MRS, Buffet decoration casual Dining, Dietary information and Champagne Breakfast, and for teaching the galley personal the culinary procedures and recipes with hands-on training.
- Holding daily menu briefings and tasting of dishes to ensure the highest quality, nutritional value and variety of food.
- In charge of all food outlets for breakfast, lunch, afternoon cakes/sandwiches, dinner, buffets and special team nights.
- In conjunction with the Executive Chef, planning the daily working schedules for the Galley staff.
- Responsible for keeping to the set food cost budgets for crew & guests. Maintaining low wastage levels by training staff in being cost and waste conscious.
- Make sure that all provisioning and storing is carried out in close co-operation with the Storekeeper and in conjunction with him check fresh fruit & vegetables before being taken onboard and inspect stores daily in order to avoid spoilage and to ensure the correct rotation of all products.
- Must be familiar with the Fidelio Material Management system and responsible for checking and authorizing movements of all food related items.
- Responsible for ensuring that every crew member under his/hers supervision is entering the correct work and rest hours, using the company Fidelio Time and Attendance System.
- Responsible for ensuring that all staff under his/her supervision receives sufficient coaching is in place for current job performance and future promotion and preparing of appraisals.
- If requested, co-operate with the Cruise Coordinator in organizing various cooking demos for guests
- Must be familiar with the ship’s “Emergency Plan”, the “Muster List”, the ship’s “Code of Conduct” and the “SQM” “Hotel”/ “Food and Beverage Manual “for further guidance on what your role entails.
- Follow the procedures in SQM Public Health /Food Safety Programme set by the Company.
- This is an outline of the Executive Sous Chef’s duties. They may be called upon to perform other ad-hoc duties when required.

The substitute for the Executive Sous Chef is on recommendation of Executive Chef in conjunction with the Corporate Executive Chef.


In return we can offer you, a competitive salary paid twelve months of the year, a 2 : 1 work rotation of three months on board with six weeks' paid leave, a single cabin with private facilities, flights to/from the vessel arranged and paid for by the company, an exciting opportunity to work on board our cruise ships, travelling to worldwide destinations.
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- 5-6 years of food preparation experience in high volume cruise ships / hotels or restaurants minimum of 4 years as Sous Chef / Chef De Cuisine. An ability to write and create menus of varying themes and teach such dishes and presentation.

- Ability to run, train staff and co-ordinate all sections of the kitchen excluding Pastry and Bakery.

- 3 years of verifiable certificatie of apprenticeship, completion of an approved certifcate or degree granting culinary program.

- Must be able to effectively supervise a staff of 60+ people, delegating and overseeing food production in a multi-unit operation.

- Ability to speak and read English fluently, analyse and interpret procedure manuals, memos, technical procedures or govermental regulations.

- Must be fully computer literate and familiar with the Fidelio Material Management system and responsible for checking and authorizing movements of all food related items.

- Ability to provide culinary presentations and demonstrations.