1st Officer


Purpose of Role:

To ensure effective management of RIB operations and associated maintenance. To support the Chief
Officer and Safety Officer in maintenance and safety management. To provide senior officer support to the
navigational watch.

Main Tasks & Activities:

1. RIBs Operations - Time Allocation 30%

 Responsible for the maintenance of the RIBs and equipment.
 Responsible for planning of all RIBs tours, including route planning and checking, manning
requirements and logistics of passenger interaction.
 Responsible for operation of the RIBs, which includes ensuring the RIBs are prepared, launched
and recovered in a safe way and that the RIB drivers are properly qualified and trained in safe
operation of the RIBs.
 Maintain close relations with all department and division heads on RIB matters for safe and
efficient execution of RIB trips.

2. Safety Management/Training Responsibilities - Time Allocation 30%

 Assist the Safety Officer with safety management duties, as required.
 Assist the Safety Officer with safety training, as required.

3. Maintenance Responsibilities - Time Allocation 30%

 Assist Safety Officer in maintenance of safety equipment, as required.
 Assist Chief Officer in deck maintenance, as required.

4. General Responsibilities - Time Allocation 10%

 The 1st Officer shall not normally be assigned a watch; however, for the purpose of the Navigation
Policies and Procedures is a Senior Navigation Officer, and may be required at any time to meet
the requirements of the Watch Condition Matrix.
 This is an outline of the 1st Officer’s role and responsibilities which may require performance of
other duties at the discretion of the Master and Company when required.
 The 1st Officer must be familiar with the Company Safety Quality System (SQM), relevant Flag, and
Class and International rules applicable to the vessel.

In return we can offer you: a competitive salary paid twelve months of the year, a 4 : 2 work rotation of four months on board with two month's paid leave, a single cabin with private facilities, flights to/from the vessel arranged and paid for by the company, an exciting opportunity to work on board our cruise ships, travelling to worldwide destinations.



- Candidates must hold valid unlimited OOW license as per STCW code A-II/2, in the capacity of Chief Officer;
- STCW Basic Safety Training;
- GMDSS radio operator;
- Powerboat Advanced day/night;
- ECDIS training ideally for SAM electronics Nacos Platinum.