2nd Engineer


Employment type - Ocean: Mutual Notice

Rotation: 8 Weeks Onboard / 8 Weeks Vacation

Pension Scheme: Voluntary Pension Plan in effect after 12 months, consisting of a 7% contribution from the employer and minimum 2% from the employee.

Medical Insurance: Sick pay and doctor/hospital expenses coverage for up to 12 months

Benefits: Family visits on board allowed after 2 months

Benefits details:

- Reimbursement of industry required training
- Reimbursement C1/D Visa and other required visas
- Free travel to and from the ship
- Yearly bonus, pending vessel and company results.

Seniority Merit: Starts 2nd year of employment

- Responsible for training their watch team to follow safe and environmentally responsible working practices and to maintain a high watch keeping standard and to supervise Third Engineers.
- Ensure that all machinery is operated safely, efficiently and economically.
- Responsibilities are not limited to the above.


- Minimum 1 year previous experience (2 sailing periods) as an Engine Assistant and 1 year (2 sailing periods) as Engine Trainee (if position exists) or alternatively, 2 years (4 sailing periods) as Engine Assistant if no time as Engine Trainee.
- Must hold a valid Second Engineer License, Bahamian License and preferably have completed a Chief Engineer’s Education in order to obtain the license once experience is gained.
- Must hold all valid STCW and SOLAS training certificates.
- Must be fluent in written and spoken English