Kitchen Steward


Accountable to: Executive Chef

Responsible for delivering an exceptional gastronomic service for our travelers in accordance with the cruise line's standards, while contributing to a positive work environment.

Primary (Non-Exhaustive) Responsibilities:

 Practicing company values
 Responsible for daily cleaning of dishes, pots, and pans
 Responsible for hygiene in the galley in accordance with HACCP regulations
 Assisting galley team with simple tasks
 Participating in extra duties (i.e. luggage and garbage handling, crew show, loading)
 Any other duties advised by the Executive Chef/Hotel Manager
For the avoidance of any doubt the Crew member agrees that that it is a non-exhaustive list of primary duties which the Company may reasonably amend from time to time in accordance with the exigencies of the company and the vessel on which the employee is working



 High school diploma or basic education equivalent is preferred
 Minimum two years of experience in the field of desired position, preferably in a 4 or 5 star restaurant and/or hotel
 Cruise ship experience is a plus
 Good communication skills
 Willingness to learn and progress
 Fluency in English