Bar/Wine Steward/ess



The Bar/Wine Steward/ess reports to the Bar Manager


- Follow the established guidelines for grooming in terms of personal hygiene and personal appearance.
- Be in proper uniform appropriate for the lounge and time of day, as per Company established guidelines and standards.
- Check work schedules to determine where and when you will work and be sure to know at which station you will work.
- Report to the Bar Manager 5 minutes prior to the assigned time in order to receive instructions particular to the upcoming shift and follow his/her guidance for the duration of the shift.
- Follow all reasonable orders related to his/her duties from his/her supervisor(s).
- Ensure that assigned work areas are properly set in terms of appearance and ambiance as per the established guidelines for the lounge and time of day.
- Have complete knowledge of the bar list / wine list and wines and cocktails, proper glassware and garniture for each drink.
- Always serve guests in a pleasant and courteous manner, speaking English at all times, and using proper verbal etiquette.
- Delivery of all beverages in the bars and lounges should be as per Company guidelines and standards.
- Maximize revenue opportunities by following established guidelines on sales techniques, actively endorsing revenue programs and promotions, and by always trying to up-sell each sale.
- Ensure that proper sanitation procedures as per United States Public Health (USPH) and Company standards are followed.
- Follow all procedures, as per Company guidelines/standards, for handling clean glasses, etc. in the bars and/or lounges.
- Follow established procedures for processing guest checks.
- Report all problems pertaining to passengers or passenger satisfaction with beverages or beverage service immediately to the Bar Manager and/or Hotel Manager.
- Works closely and cooperates with supervisors, colleagues, and other employees in order to achieve the highest possible passenger satisfaction for the services rendered.


The following courses and/or certificates are mandatory:


The following courses and/or certificates are required or desired:

- Quality Customer Service
- Wine Service Training
- English Testing
- Basic Sanitation
- Workplace Safety
- Beverage Service Training
- Sexual Harassment
- Fire Fighting and Prevention
- Life boatman
- First Aid/CPR/Heim