Gentleman Dance Host


A remarkable program, the Gentlemen Host® Program exists within the cruise line industry. With a growing number of women traveling independently, prominent cruise lines

and river boat companies make it possible for interesting, sociable and admirable men to serve as dance hosts aboard their vessels. Our charming Gentlemen Host®

accompany all guests as invited goodwill ambassadors, dance partners and public relations representatives.

Gentlemen Hosts® must be single gentlemen, 40-68 years, who are refined social dancers, cultivated and distinguished gentlemen who enjoy enriching the lives of others.

Our volunteer dance hosts possess the highest moral ethics, make friends easily and love to dance.

Who make great Gentlemen Host®?

    Single men, 40 to 68 years old, who are still young at heart.

    Very sociable gentlemen with excellent manners. Good minglers who enjoy dining, dancing, games, shipboard activities, and touring ashore with all guests.

    Always dancers! Especially men who have taken social ballroom dance classes.

    Kind, honorable and smiling community-minded volunteers.

What benefits do our Gentlemen Host® receive?

    Passenger cabin accommodations

    Dining room privileges

    Beverage and laundry allowances

    Round-trip airfare for some cruises

    Often inclusion in shore excursions

    A gratuities allowance from most cruise lines

    A chance to travel the world with new friends