Beverage Attendant



To provide exceptional service to each individual guest and to achieve the maximum revenue in the assigned outlet.


- Responsible for delivering an exceptional bar experience for our guests by providing individualized attention. Contribution to a positive work environment is a daily requirement. Must maintain an open mind and be willing to accept change by playing in active role in its development. The ability to communicate in clear, concise manner must be practiced at all times.
- Respond to changes in the Food & Beverage Department as dictated by the vessel and the Company
- Carry out any reasonable assignment as may be assigned by the Bartender and Beverage Management
- Maintain a good working relationship with own colleagues and all other departments as well as superiors and Head Office
- Have a complete understanding of and adhere to the vessel policies relating to Fire, Hygiene, Health and Safety
- Maintain a high standard of personal appearance and hygiene at all times
- Have complete understanding of the Vessels Rules and Regulation and adhere to the regulations contained therein
- Ensure all Company policies and regulations are implemented, followed and maintained
- Be willing to work on weekends, public holidays and night time
- Ensure all efforts are made within the assigned bar to meet and exceed revenue budgets and guest satisfaction
- Ensure that voiding and charging procedures are done as per company guidelines. Report any wrong posting immediatelyEnsure that no item or drink leaves the bar without charging.
- Ensure all administrative procedures relating to beverage control are followed
- Assist in carrying out inventories after each cruise under the guidance of the Bartender/Controller/Beverage Manager
- Attend daily/weekly Beverage Management Meetings as requested
- Attend any training sessions set by the ship’s Management
- Inspect assigned Lounge with respect to physical condition, condition of equipment and decoration to ensure prompt repair and maintenance through reporting to the Bartender/Management
- Report for duty five minutes prior to schedule time to assure proper lounge set-up is done, wearing the correct uniform and nametags at all times.
- Be aware of any special cocktails, daily cocktails and special events
- Ensure courteous and professional service at all times
- Be on station, and ensure that lounge and bar is clean and call for help if needed
- Ensure hot appetizers are served at the correct time, and that bar snacks are set up in the lounge
- Ensure right garnish is used on drinks and condiments are served if required
- Socialize with clients when time allows
- Assist in the building of an efficient team of staff by taking an active interest in their welfare, safety and development
- Attend on-the-job training as assigned
- Assist GPAs in clearing plates on deck, providing towels and help with requisitioning if required
- Strong interpersonal communication skills
- Report for duty on time
- Serve alcoholic beverages only according to Company policies and laws regulating the service of liquor
- Product knowledge of all beverage offering
- Knowledge of Mixology is a must
- Must have knowledge of international cocktail recipes and international alcohol brands
- Maintain Lounge in good presentation and condition
- Knowledge of all shipboard services
- Participate in all Company training
- Personal hygiene and appearances
- Assume responsibility beyond individual roles
- Deliver professional presentation every day for all guest
- Follow Sanitation Guidelines (USPH)
- Follow all garbage-handling procedures
- Proper use and sanitation of equipment
- Follow dress code
- Apply salesmanship in order to maximize sales volume
- Practice up-selling techniques
- Assist cleaning plates on deck and keep the deck clean at all times
- Sign in/out with the Bartender when reporting on/off duty
- Always inform the Bartender when leaving your stations
- Ensure assigned station is clean and assist colleagues on other stations as assigned
- Support colleagues and supervisors to achieve a better product
- Accountable for Cost of Sales, inventory and POS transactions
- Work as a team and be attentive to detail
- Cooperate in the safety and accident-prevention programs, including drills
- Carry out any other reasonable duties and responsibilities as assigned



- Basic knowledge of varying brands and quality of liquors.
- Basic Knowledge of new and old world wines an advantage.
- Basic knowledge of Cigar and Cigar Service an advantage.
- Physically fit and able to lift more than 20kg.
- Ability to read, interpret the preparation of drink recipes.
- Ability to report passengers complains, follows up and meet/exceed guest expectations.
- Basic knowledge of beverage handling procedures with regard to public health standards.
- Cost awareness.
- Mixology experiences an advantage.
- Strong interpersonal skills.
- Willing to attend training lessons as well as to learn a bar menu within short time given.
- Excellent appearance, self-starter.
- Revenue and guest satisfaction focused.
- Team player
- Excellent open communication style with all levels of employees.
- Willing to work on weekends, holidays, and seven days a week and as business requires.