Youth Entertainment Host/ess



- Function as Youth Activities “Host” for onboard events and venues, requiring microphone use and stage presence
- Interact with guests of all ages with the main focus being on children participating in Youth Activities programs, ages 3-12 years
- Seek out guest contact while displaying boundless amounts of energy, outgoing attitude, enthusiasm, and self-motivation
- Learn, follow and perform scripted material and basic choreography, but also ad lib as necessary
- Provide an emotionally and physically safe environment for children
- Prepare and strike programs, ensuring proper clean-up, inventory program consumables, maintain costumes and cleanliness and order for program storage spaces
- Perform meet and greet functions in youth spaces for children and parents; includes tour of facilities, overview of programs, and registration for children
- Assist in hosting of adult or family activities as scheduled; may include welcome line, game shows, crowd control, hosting a lounge, Bingo or related
- Assist overall operation of programs and also perform Youth Activities Counselor duties between programs or when needed to maintain child-to-counselor ratio
- Conduct required sanitizing procedures (USPH) when associated with appropriate programs and events
- Participate in program rehearsals, as required
- Perform abbreviated shows as necessary based on weather conditions, safety issues, and/or Entertainment Management decisions
- Report costume, technical, and maintenance needs
- This position has high guest interaction
- Actively participate in all island resort job responsibilities associated with position and line of business as directed by company leadership
- Execute additional job responsibilities, as assigned by company leadership, based on operational need
- Comply with all company set policies and procedures, along with all maritime and ship rules, regulations and procedures
- Participate in Emergency Duties as specified in the ship Assembly Plan


Basic Qualifications:

- Participation in the cruise line audition process is required during an interview for this position
- Minimum two years recent experience working within a position that demonstrates hosting experience, stage experience and public speaking skills
- Minimum two years recent experience in a public relations, entertainment, guest services, resort/recreational, camp, or related field
- Strong microphone skills, team skills and attention to detail
- Aptitude to learn dance routines and potentially dance in a ‘club’ style setting
- Exceptional presentation, communication and organizational skills
- Relates well to audiences of all youth ages and demographics while offering a passion for engaging children in an entertaining program
- Must be proactive and be able to spontaneously entertain children in the absence of planned activities
- Must be able to entertain and command the attention of large groups of children, teens and adults
- Ability to quickly adapt to an ever-changing environment while demonstrating flexibility
- Ability to lift and move heavy boxes (i.e. recreational equipment)
- Willingness and ability to maintain Company Character Integrity
- Maintain performance quality and the ability to perform rehearsed roles
- Ability to perform in environments that have pyrotechnics, chemical smoke, haze, fog, dry ice, and other special effects
- Enthusiastic, highly energetic, extraverted personality
- Be at least 21 years of age
- Be able to speak, read and write fluent English
- Willingness to live and work onboard one of our vessels for a certain length of time (based on position)
- Be able to work a seven-day, 70-84 hour week with limited time off
- Be able to adhere to Disney Cruise Line appearance guidelines
- Agree to share a cabin with other crew members
- Enjoy working in a high-volume, fast-paced, guest-service oriented environment
- Be flexible with your work schedule, job duties and work locations
- Appreciate diversity among guests and crew

Preferred Qualifications:

- Degree or minor in recreation or related field of study
- Bi-lingual or Multi-lingual ability a plus

Applicants must:

- Be genuinely interested in a career at sea and willing to live and work onboard the cruise line vessel
- Be committed to the position you are applying for at least 2-3 contracts before a transfer or promotion
- Be willing to follow and perform safety role, emergency duties and/or associated responsibilities as specified in the ship Assembly Plan
- Be willing and able to uphold the general safety management responsibilities specified in the Safety Management System in areas and operations under their control
- Be willing to follow and embrace United States Public Health requirements and guidelines as well as Environmentality requirements and Company practices
- Be willing to share a cabin with other crew members and appreciative of working and living in a multi-cultural environment
- Be comfortable living in a confined space with strict rules and regulations
- Adhere to a structured lifestyle, personally and professionally

Your Responsibilities:

- Have a valid passport and C1/D Seaman's visa (DCL will provide you with documents to obtain this)
- Complete a pre-employment medical
- Obtain a criminal background check
- Bring approved work shoes