Laundry Staff


Reporting to the Laundry Master

Responsible for the day-to-day sorting of linen.


- Sort all linen on a daily basis.
- Load and unload all washers and dryers in the proper manner.
- Handle the flat ironer for all laundry and fold the towels.
- Monitor the iron roll pressure and steam supply.
- Distribute the clean linen to the destined area.
- Clean up the dryer ducts and laundry area frequently.
- Report any problems or malfunctions of laundry equipment to laundry master.
- All laundrymen will work in a team and finish the jobs as laundry master’s requests.
- Operate in line with all USPH, Environmental, Safety and Security Policy.
- Perform other duties as assigned by the Laundry Master or the Executive Housekeeper


- Minimum 1-2 years of experience in a laundry of large capacity as a laundryman.
- English knowledge
- Basic operations of washers, dryers, and flat ironer