Special Interest Lecturers


Special Interest Lecturers - We are looking for qualified experts in the following areas: Art, Film, Health, Music, Science, Theatre and World Affairs.

Audio and visually enhanced presentations are preferred. Special Interest Speaker / Lecturer should discuss their area of expertise in a fun, educating

and entertaining manner. The door is wide-open when it comes to this position as numerous fields of study are applicable.

The topics of the seminars and lectures given do not necessarily have to be connected with the particular ports of call visited during the cruise. It is

difficult to list all the topics for special interest lectures and seminars aboard cruise ships, but the spectrum is wide open - opera, theatre, classical

music, photography, marinelife, wildlife, cooking, wine, art, movies, astronomy, lighthouses, animals, arts & crafts, earth science, medical, nutrition,

world affairs, computers, fashion, geology, astronomy, self - improvement, just to name a few.