Head Housekeeper


Reporting: The Head Housekeeper reports to the Hotel Manager regarding vessel operations onboard.

Direct Reports: Assistant Housekeeper (if applicable), Housekeeping and Laundry Supervisors (if applicable), Laundryman, Cabin Stewards/ess, Utility Hotel cleaners


- Responsible for the overall cleanliness and maintenance of all passenger staterooms, public areas, concessionaire facilities, offices, and staff and crew facilities.
- Provide training for all housekeeping areas, as per corporate guidelines and ensure implementation. Provide guidance, coaching and discipline as needed.
- Maintain staterooms and suites, in good condition, to meet corporate standard as per operational policy.
- Maintain all housekeeping assigned public areas in good condition, in combination with other departments.
- Achieve passenger comment rating to meet or exceed targets. Passenger comments to be reviewed for respective areas and take appropriate follow up action.
- Maintain all laundry areas (main laundry, self service laundry (if applicable), and crew laundry), in good operating condition, as per company standards and directives if required to correct any deficiencies.
- Coordinate baggage handling upon embarkation and disembarkation. Arrange baggage tagging and be fully involved with baggage handling operations supervising assisting crew.
- Maintain all crew areas your department has been assigned to, such as public toilets, showers etc. in good condition and provide related service, as well follow up on maintenance.
- Comply with public health regulations (USPH) and provide guidance, training and monitoring towards these, in order to meet sanitary standards.
- Conduct daily walk through of all your areas of responsibility, including daily passenger cabin inspections (spot checks).
- Ensure daily short communication or short meeting with your housekeeping staff.
- Maintain housekeeping department within budgetary guidelines.
- Maintain housekeeping departmental tangible assets (equipment, supplies).
- In charge of ordering all HK supplies, including chemicals for laundry, together in coordination with the Inventory Controller.
- Ensure that all technical deficiencies related to your department are taken care off in a timely manner and ensure that proper information is forwarded to reception in order to log it correctly. Follow up to ensure any corrective actions have been taken to resolution.
- Submit reports in a timely manner which are either for hotel on board or shore side.
- Ensure that all procedures of ISM code related to your department are implemented and followed.
- Prepare handover report for embarking Chief Housekeeper as per corporate guideline and provide it upon embarkation.
- Conduct weekly walks/inspection of crew cabin, crew area, public lounges or guest staterooms and together with Captain or Hotel Manager or whenever it is requested.
- Represent Housekeeping department in all meeting in which attendance is required Effectively supervise Housekeeping personnel, providing ongoing coaching, guidance, training and correction, through motivation and demonstration.
- Conduct and/or approve quarterly and end of contract evaluations of all Housekeeping department staff.
- Maintain accurate and up-to-date recordkeeping, to include but not limited to: Guest stateroom Checklist, Public room/stateroom inspections and crew cabin inspection reports, and all sanitation related reports or logs as required.
- Maintain a clean and safe workplace, with emphasis on employee health and fire/chemical safety. Ensure that all chemicals in your department are stored handled according to company policy and MSDS.
- Enforce Hotel operation policies and ensure that maintenance of all assigned areas is in compliance with USPH or other health standards.
- Demonstrate professionalism and be a good role model for subordinates
- Interact with the guest and employee in positive manner.
- Understand the job duty and responsibilities.
- Responsible and accountable for special projects or assignments presented by the Hotel Manager.
- Every Hotel Officer shall possess a certificate of competency of Lifeboatman.

Working Hours

- 24 hours/day on duty when required.


he following courses and/or certificates are mandatory:


The following courses and/or certificates are required or desired:

- Quality Customer Service
- English Testing
- Sexual Harassment
- Crew Fraternization
- Team Building
- Fire Fighting and Prevention
- Lifeboatman
- Workplace Safety
- ECP Environmental Training Tier 1, Tier 2
- First Aid/CPR/Heim