Show Singers


Major cruise line is seeking professional seasoned singers with various vocal styles to include: Pop/Rock, R&B, Contemporary Musical Theatre/Broadway, and Jazz. The ability to act and phonetically speak other languages is a plus. (Spanish, Italian, French & Portuguese.) Singers will be required to audition "live" or by "video submission" and must present their best 16-32 bars of a ballad and an up-tempo in contrasting styles. No a cappella or accompaniment tracks permitted. An accompanist will be provided at the "live" auditions and sheet music must be in the proper key. Some singer positions will require dance/movement and all applicants should come prepared to learn a movement combination. Video submission applicants must also submit footage of previous performance experience showing various vocal styles and dance movement abilities.

**Note: "Live" auditions are preferred.


Females should have a vocal range between G3 - C6 with a strong, controlled belt/mix up to an F5. Must also be able to produce sultry alto notes as well as the ability to sing light and floaty in upper register.

Males should have a vocal range between A2 - A4 and must be able to sustain upper notes. Some role required strong falsetto up to an F5.