Destination Lecturer


We ask that our lecturers be prepared to give approximately five 50 minute presentations during the cruise itinerary. All presentations are to be

instructive, engaging, fun and interactive. A Destination Speaker’s responsibility is to give a series of original presentations illustrating the

culture, history, geography, anthropology, wildlife, marinelife and politics of the regions, countries and ports of call on a given cruise


For instance, a Speaker on a cruise to Mexico may discuss the Mexican-American War, foreign policy between the United States and Mexico, or the culture

of the country. The talks should not be a reiteration of what to see-and-do in Puerto Vallarta. Rather, they should provide the guests with insight

into the ports that one would not be able to find in an average guidebook. The Destination Speaker must have strong credentials and be an excellent

and experienced public speaker as typical audience size ranges from 50-300 passengers for each talk. However, good news travels fast aboard ships and

great Speakers / Lecturers have been known to pack the house!

We are looking for qualified experts in one or more of the following areas: General History, Art History, Geography, Geology, Oceanography, Social

Economics, Culture, as well as Wildlife Experts and Naturalists. All presentations must be itinerary specific, include visuals and be designed to

enhance the guest's experience ashore.