Restaurant Waiter/ess


Reporting: The Restaurant Waiter/ess reports to the Head Waiter and Maitre D’


- Responsible for the service of food and food related beverages to passengers in assigned section of the dining room and other areas as outlined in the job specification.
- Responsible for providing courteous service to passengers as per established Company standards.
- Implements and executes food handling and cleaning procedures in accordance with United States Public Health (USPH) / HACCP standards as outlined in the Food Safety Procedure Manual and job specification. This is in order to serve safe, wholesome, high quality, and attractive food to the passengers.
- Responsible for performance, appearance, dress, personal conduct and verbal etiquette according to the Company’s established rules and regulations.
- Responsible to properly use, return and maintain the provided equipment and utensils to prevent damage, loss or unnecessary maintenance.
- Responsible to implement and execute proper maintenance and cleaning procedure in his work area in order to ensure good appearance and condition of the area and equipment.
- Maintains a high level of productivity and service.
- Performs all "side job" duties as assigned.
- Follows all reasonable orders related to his duties from his supervisor(s).
- Reports all problems pertaining to passengers and the passenger's satisfaction with the food service received immediately to his Head Waiter or Maitre D’.
- Works closely and cooperates with superiors, colleagues and other employees in order to achieve the highest possible passenger satisfaction from the services rendered.
- Follows prescribed procedures for the delivery of all food items to the dining room and their order of placement on the passenger’s dining table.
- Follows prescribed procedures for the removal, organization, and delivery of dirty dishes to the dishwashing area.
- Follows all procedures for handling of clean glasses, china, and silverware for table set up; sets up his table according to Company guidelines and standards.
- Follows all flow patterns and procedures for the pickup and service of food, clean dishes or delivery of dirty dishes to dishwashing area.
- Always serves passengers in a pleasant and courteous manner, speaking English at all times, and using proper verbal etiquette.



The following courses and/or certificates are mandatory:


The following courses and/or certificates are required or desired:

- Quality Customer Service
- English Testing
- Sexual Harassment
- Crew Fraternization
- Team Building
- Performance Appraisal
- Fire Fighting & Prevention
- Life boatman
- Hazardous Materials
- Workplace Safety
- Beverage Service Training
- ECP Environmental Training Tier 1, Tier 2
- Basic Sanitation
- Advanced Sanitation
- Pest Control
- First Aid/CPR/Heim