Laundry Master


- Arranges the working schedule and roaster.
- Makes sure the laundry work-float running smoothly and keeps the jobs on schedule.
- Monitors the quality of all cleaned laundry.
- Assures the laundry staff working in a safety manner.
- Communicates with other departments for problems solving.
- Daily conduct walkthrough of the main laundry and dry cleaning area to ensure cleanliness, checking machine to ensure they are all in good working condition paying attention to any operational, safety, hazardous material storage or environmental concern.
- Maintain accurate and up to date record keeping to include but not limited to: flatwork ironer, laundry lint cleaning, MSDS file.
- Coordinates daily inspection to ensure that all equipments are operating at optimum capacity.
- Reports laundry equipment to be repairedmaintained. Create job orders and follow up to ensure satisfactory of completion.
- Complete and submit weekly requisition.
- Monitor and maintain inventory of all laundry chemicals and supplies.
- Ensure that all preventive actions are taken by laundry personnel to prevent spontaneous combustion.
- Maintain a clean and safe workplace, with emphasis on employee health and firechemical safety, including keeping adequate stock of PPE equipment.
- Ensure all linen is staged and stored safely, not to piled higher than the safety red line, not to obstruct exits and escape areas or access to safety equipment such as fire extinguisher, water tight door, fire door, and not to be close to operating equipment or motor.
- Operate in line with all USPH, Environmental, Safety and Security Policy.
- Perform other duties as assigned by Executive Housekeeper


- Minimum 5 years of experience in a laundry including 3 years onboard ship.
- Good command of English
- Knows the operation of all machines and equipment’s in laundry.
- Knows the stain removal technique.
- Understands various stains & chemical reactions.
- Understand various differentiate of fabrics.