Receptionist provides our guests with prompt, friendly, informative and personalized service at the Reception Desk, maintains reception area to ensure that it is presentable, clean and orderly at all times. The position conducts all administrative duties efficiently in accordance with company policies and procedures.


Reception Desk

- To provide passengers with prompt, friendly and personalized service throughout the cruise.
- Ensuring that all passenger requests, inquiries and concerns are responded to promptly and followed up on with the appropriate party.
- Keeps the Chief Purser and Hotel Manager promptly and fully informed of all serious problems or unusual matters of significance coming to his/her attention so prompt corrective action can be taken.
- Assisting in preparing passenger paperwork.
- Assists with passenger billing and credit card registration.
- Assisting in preparing passenger information materials and ensuring everything is printed on time (daily program, menus, etc.)
- Provides cash exchange for passengers.
- Maintains reception area to ensure that it is presentable, clean and orderly at all times
- Maintains security of reception area by limiting access to authorized personnel
- Prepares passenger boarding passes

Maintains and administers all reports and logs held at the Reception Desk, such as:

- Record keeping of AVOs and maintenance requests.
- Record keeping of the Reception Log (detailed log of all requests, concerns and repairs)
- Record keeping of lost and found items.

Port Clearances

- Assisting in preparing documentation required to ensure ship’s clearances in ports.
- Assisting during ship’s clearances.


- Operating the POS system onboard.
- Preparing preliminary and final statements for passengers and crew, and collecting funds thereof.
- Maintaining cash floats for the Reception Desk.
- Assisting with crew sign offs and crew sign ons.
- Assisting crew regarding the Pay Card system.
- Assisting with passenger embarkation and debarkation process.
- Safekeeping passports of passengers and crew, seaman’s books, contracts and all other documents; and maintaining the confidentiality of all.

POS (point of sales) System

- Operating the POS system, charging passenger and crew accounts.
- Assisting with updating pricing and article information in the POS system
- Assisting with importing and exporting financial and passenger information into/out of the POS system.


- Assisting in counting inventories of the Gift Shop (where applicable), Salon/Spa (where applicable) and Office Supplies.


Skills, Experience & Qualification

- At least four years’ experience in the hotel industry in both practical and management and administration position
- Must have refined skills in public relations, which demands a very good command of the English and other languages as needed per ship assignment
- Efficiency with typing, computer knowledge of Windows, Word, Excel, MS Outlook. Additional: MXP POS application (or similar Ship Management System) Experience of Desk top publishing would be a plus
- Must have the ability to communicate with all levels of personnel and passengers
- Must have reasonable experience of administration work
- Should be an individual who is proactive, takes self-initiative, is reliable, able to work unsupervised, work towards tight deadlines and shows flexibility to work in each department.
- Ability to work in an international environment.
- Ability to perform well under pressure.