Hotel Controller / Inventory Manager


The Hotel Controller’s primary responsibility is the management and oversight of onboard storeroom inventory and accurate reporting of inventory data. The Hotel Controller audits all invoices and requisitions of incoming and outgoing products to and from main storeroom. The Hotel Controller is also responsible for monthly closing (MXP) and submitting various reports to onboard and shore side management.

Reporting: The Hotel Controller reports to the Hotel Manager


Administrative Responsibilities

- Supervises the Storekeeper and Storeroom Utility positions
- The Hotel Controller is accountable for the accounting and inventory management systems on board the vessel, to include the following:
- Identify food items and non-food items.
- Maintenance of the MXP Purchasing System on board the vessel, including all reports generated from it.
- Record the information to maintain a suitable inventory of food, beverage, and consumable items.
- Producing periodical financial reports; i.e. EOV (end of voyage), EOM (end of month), and daily reports, inventories and related financial reports.
- Maintenance of the Company’s set of controls and budgets to mitigate risk.
- Ensures that the ship adheres to all United States Public Health (USPH) standards, policies and procedures as directed by ISP.
- Computing profits and losses on all food and beverage items onboard, monitoring budgets versus actual, and the variance related to each.
- Maintenance of the vessel’s (Company’s) system of accounting records.
- The Hotel Controller will liaise with the Hotel Manager and Chef to ensure proper inventory control and supply chain management.
- Responsible for the supervision of the receiving and loading of all food and beverage stores, and other hotel supplies. (Assisted by the Chef, and the Provision Master and Storekeeper where applicable.)
- Responsible for all quality control on the pier; accounting/receiving control, accounting for any loss or spoilage, and reporting such to the Hotel Manager.
- The Hotel Controller will assist the Chef and Hotel Manager in the purchasing of local supplies.

Inventory Related

- The Hotel Controller is responsible to reconcile daily requisitions received from all department heads in the MXP system.
- Spot checking inventories to ensure accuracy, compare MXP counts versus actual counts, and monitor expiration dates on expendable items and report to the Hotel Manager if any action is required.

Maintaining proper MXP and physical inventories of:
- Food (dry, frozen, fresh, dairy, supplies)
- Bar (liquor, wine, beer, soft drinks, glass ware, bar supplies, equipment)
- Dining Room (table linens, cutlery, plate ware, glass ware, dining room supplies, equipment)
- Housekeeping (linens, towels, uniforms, amenities, housekeeping supplies, bottled water, equipment)
- Galley (galley supplies, FPL galley equipment)
- Office supplies (paper ware, FPL printers/computers and office supplies)
- Boutique (for-sale items)
- Spa (supplies and equipment)

Responsible for external ordering of food, beverage and consumable items in collaboration with other entities as per below:
Food: Chef and Storekeeper
Bar: Bar Manager
Dining Room: Maitre’d
Housekeeping: Head Stateroom Steward
Galley: Executive Chef
Office Supplies: Chief Purser


Skills, Experience & Qualification

- Strong accounting skills required; preferably a college degree in accounting, business administration, or inventory management.
- Experience in the Finance / Accounting / Supply Chain field of luxury hotels and/or cruise line brands.
- At least 3 years of experience as Hotel Controller / Inventory Manager in a well-recognized hospitality establishment or cruise line.
- Excellent understanding of Finance and Inventory Management.
- Outstanding knowledge Cost Control, Budget allocation and Payroll Management.
- Competent understanding of basic computer programs; i.e. Windows, MS Word, Excel and preferably familiar with MXP or Fidelio inventory programs.
- Strong written and verbal communication skills and fluency in English.
- Understanding of inventory management systems, particularly MXP.
- Good problem solving skills.
- Ability to work in an international environment;
- Should be self-directed, but also have the ability to work well with others, especially Hotel Managers, Chef and Chef Purser.
- Must possess the ability to work well under pressure and adjust effectively to change