Medi-Spa Physician


All contracts require physicians to live and work on a cruise ship for the entire duration of the contract. Contracts are 7 months long. The entire length of your contract you will be assigned to the same ship and that ship will be cruising based on its scheduled itinerary.

Reports to: Spa Manager

Job Summary

The Medi-spa Physician administers cosmetic medical procedures to on onboard guests. They must possess the clinical knowledge to administer these procedures safely and effectively and be able to explain accurately all aspects of the products and services to the guests. They must have excellent communication skills and be able to provide aesthetic medical solutions safely and effectively to address the concerns of our guests. The Physicians are expected to promote their services onboard in order to meet their revenue targets. Also, Physicians are expected to gain the knowledge of the spa services and products in effort to cross-promote these services to guests.

Duties and Responsibilities:

- Abide by ship rules and regulations, including onboard dress code, Ship Time and Attendance, attendance at mandatory ship training
- Work 52 hours every 7 days; schedules set with direction of spa manager and based on business need
- Be on time for work, prompt for each appointment
- Conduct patient consultations whereby you effectively inform and educate our guests about specific facial aesthetic concerns
- Provide consistent professional medi-spa services and treatments in accordance with company medi-spa protocols
- Conduct patient follow-up as required
- Be flexible with scheduling, supporting the needs of the spa and guest

MediSpa Job Description

- Properly care for equipment and use proper amounts of product/supplies to assist with cost control
- Follow service pricing guidelines as set by Steiner
- Manage medical records
- Ensure onboard medi-spa promotions are sufficient and accurate
- Promote services on board ship via on board marketing and seminars/events; all materials will be provided
- Actively promote the spa, treatments, services and retail, as well as seminars, promotions and/or available discounts
- Cross-promote other spa services
- Uphold the standards of sanitation and sterilization as directed by law, the vessel and the spa’s policies and procedures
- Properly clean and restock medi-spa treatment room as required
- Manage medical product and supply inventory
- Communicate to management any and all occurrences involving staff or guests in the spa that require attention
- Handle guests’ questions and concerns professionally and courteously
- Provide accurate, appropriate and immediate responses to all requests by guests
- Maintain a positive attitude and contribute toward a quality work environment
- Regularly attend, participate in and support training and staff meetings for the spa
- Required team meetings: embarkation day meetings and sea day team meetings
- Assist in all areas of spa operation as requested by management
- Train new spa staff in medi-spa services/cross-promotion skills – follow up must be carried out to ensure staff are confident with services and promotions
- Follow Medi-Spa Operations Policies
- Take before photos of every guest. Take after photos of every guest if possible
- Email report daily and inventory report with every end of cruise report


$1000 monthly guaranteed earnings, but most staff earn more than this amount because earnings are commission-based. There is a small basic monthly wage. Physicians will earn 6% commissions on all medical services (average treatment price $600) and 9% on retail products sold. No commission will be earned on the first $35/day. This comes out to $2.10 per day. In addition to commissions, there is a 15% automatic gratuity on all spa services. There is also a $1000 monthly guarantee.

You are paid in US Dollars. Earnings are tax-free for Indian citizens/residents.


Position Qualifications:

- Hold a medical degree (MBBS) from a recognized college or university
- Hold a current valid medical license (int’l or US)
- Comfortable with giving presentations/speaking in front of large groups
- Fluency in English
- Strong interpersonal skills

Position requirements:

- Possess the ability to work without direct supervision
- Must have enthusiasm and possess excellent customer service skills
- Must be able to give an effective presentation as it relates to medi-spa services
- Enjoy working with people and possess a friendly and outgoing personality
- Excellent communication and listening skills
- Basic computer knowledge
- Must be a team player
- Willingness to learn and apply sales techniques