Hotel Cleaner



- The Hotel Cleaner reports to the Head Housekeeper regarding vessel operations onboard.


- Maintains the cleanliness of all assigned areas. This includes but not limited (Public lounges, public restrooms, crew corridors, crew restroom, crew laundry room etc.)
- Maintain, in good and clean condition, all equipment and tools used in the performance of duties
- Obtains appropriate supplies to perform work and restock.
- Maintain a clean and safe workplace, with emphasis on employee health and fire/chemical safety, including keeping adequate stock in the PPE station. Ensure that all chemicals in your department are stored handled according to company policy and MSDS.
- Baggage handling.
- Perform other miscellaneous duties as appropriate or as ordered by the Supervisor Housekeeping.


The following courses and/or certificates are mandatory:


The following courses and/or certificates are required or desired:

- English Testing
- Hazardous Materials
- Workplace Safety
- Quality Customer Service
- Sexual Harassment
- Advanced Firefighting
- Lifeboatman
- First Aid/CPR/Heim
- Pest Control
- ECP Tier I/II