Utility Cleaner


Report to: Kitchen Steward, Head Utility Cleaner

Subordinates: N/A

To clean and maintain the Galleys tidy on a daily basis following the cleaning schedule established by the Management onboard.


- To handle all the Cleaning materials, chemicals and machinery necessary for the daily operation.
- Must participate in a training program in order to develop his skills in view for future promotions.
- Must be able to work with Cleaning Machinery, assigned by the ship. This will include training for the different machinery onboard.
- Must follow at all times the United States Public Health Rules and Regulations.
- To assist with loading or provisions as directed.
- Responsible for the cleanliness, maintenance and upkeep of all equipment and any other ship’s property that he/she is working with, to be responsibly minded for the breakage and loss of any equipment.
- To use only ship’s authorized chemicals in the way and manner they’ve been instructed to.
- To attend departmental meetings and trainings when requested


Personal hygiene and appearance

- Take a shower before the commencement of one’s shift
- Have trimmed and neat haircut.
- Have at all times short and clean fingernails
- Be always neat / well groomed and shave
- Only delicate / appropriate jewelry to be worn
- To perform all duties other than above as requested by his/her Supervisor.


- Follow on board safety and security rules / regulations (SMS). Attend to schedules Safety Drills.

Education / Training

- Elementary and middle school (8th grade) or higher. Experience and/or training in the hospitality field considered a plus.

Language requirements

- Must be able to read and interpret English. Other languages are considered a plus.
- Experience / Skills / Character
- Must be able to work unsupervised and to a fixed time of schedule.
- Must be reliable, honest and friendly.
- Must be flexible.
- Must be able to work under pressure.