Musical Entertainer



- The Musical Entertainer is responsible for playing relaxing, solo music at various locations throughout the ship.
- On-board employees may also be required to perform service functions at any of thevarious service venues throughout the ship.
- Employees are expected to conduct themselves in a professional and courteous manner at all times. This applies to physical and verbal interaction with guests or fellow crew members in any area where such interaction could arise.
- Assuming host duties when dealing with passengers
- Actively integrating into the on-board community and attending Entertainment
- Department meetings and other team meetings.
- Handling all company property with care (employees are liable in the event of negligence)
- Observing all on-board formalities

What we offer:

- An exciting workplace in an international environment with the opportunity to discover the world at the same time
- Organising and assuming the costs for the journey to and from the ship
- Providing the necessary safety training free-of-charge directly on board (if your home country is not subject to any other provision)

Benefits on board / during the term of the contract:

- Free food and board in the crew area
- Free-of-charge cleaning for the on board provided uniform / work clothing
- Health and accident insurance
- Generous crew areas (varies depending on the ship): crew sun deck, crew coffee lounge, crew bar, crew mess, crew gym
- During your free time, the possibility to spend time in the guest areas and the option to use the guest gyms at given times
- Possibility to use guest restaurants
- Attractive crew conditions for spa facilities, hairdresser, shops
- Organised crew excursions, crew events and much moreā€¦
- The sea chefs Journey: training, coaching and mentoring, cross-training programme in consultation. Further information
- Flexible long-term employment coordination possible term of engagement 3-5 months aboard
- Offer of a follow up contract if occupational aptitude is given
- Competitive payment
- Possible Family Travel


Qualifications and professional experience

- Musical qualifications (knowledge of a range of styles, sight reading and ability to grasp new information quickly is desirable)
- Repertoire of varied music styles (jazz, classical, pop)
- Experience as a bar musician (preferably on board of a cruise ship)
- Knowledge of English (spoken and written)
- Clear understanding of service and customer focus

Personal requirements

- Flexible (e.g. able to deal with last-minute changes to plans)
- Able to perceive guest mood
- Integrity
- Confident, impeccable manner with guests
- Able to communicate well with guests
- Team player
- Able to work under pressure
- Well-groomed appearance