Senior Waitress f/m



- Assigned for Food and Beverages service in Vista Lounge, Palm Court, Lido Garden, Lido Cafe, Prego, Galaxy Lounge, Bistro, Club Stars, Club 2100, Mariner‘s Club, Cigar Bar, Piano Bar and beverages service in Four Seasons Dining Room 
- Correct charging and billing of beverages
- Correct and clean dealing with side duties
- Carry out cleaning and cleaning works
- Controlling of cleanliness, Safety, Environmental and Hygiene (U.S.P.H.) standards
- Self monitoring
- Responsible for the careful handling of all material, equipment and furniture in the public room department
- Assisting other service stations if required


Qualification / Experience:

- Professional training in the hotel and gastronomy industry /or similar experience
- Good knowledge of the Japanese language and Custom is beneficial
- Good knowledge in written and spoken English
- High service commitment to passengers

Personal Requirements:

- Minimum age 18 years
- Expertise, capacity, reliable, creative
- Cost and quality awareness
- Pleasant and polite maner
- Correct linguistic expression towards passenger
- Very well-groomed appearance
- Team player
- Ability to work under pressure