Vice Captain Yacht


- The Vice Captain is the head of the Deck Department, including the Medical Department, and reports directly to the Captain. - He is the second in command. In the event the Captain is not medically fit for command or is incapacitated, he/she shall assume command of the vessel.
- The Vice Captain has the authority to make instructions and standing orders for his department and areas of responsibility and shall do so in a clear, simple and concise manner. Where verbal orders or instructions are given, the Vice Captain shall ensure that they have been correctly understood. Where written orders or instructions are issued, the Vice Captain shall ensure that the orders or instructions are dated and signed.
- Responsible for all areas outside the machinery spaces including guest staterooms, public spaces, and crew areas.
- Protect ship’s property against loss or damage and against wasteful practices on the part of any member of the Deck Department and to ensure that members of the Deck Department know, understand and strictly comply with USCG and any other safety regulations.
- Responsible for acquainting themselves with all aspects of the Captain’s functions.
- Responsibilities are not limited to the above.

Employment type: Yacht - Mutual Notice

Rotation: 8 Weeks Onboard / 8 Weeks Vacation

Pension Scheme: Voluntary Pension Plan in effect after 12 months, consisting of a 7% contribution from the employer and minimum 2% from the employee.

Medical Insurance: Sick pay and doctor/hospital expenses coverage for up to 12 months

Benefits: Family visits on board allowed after 2 months

Benefits details:

- Reimbursement of industry required training
- Reimbursement C1/D Visa and other required visas
- Free travel to and from the ship
- Yearly bonus, pending vessel and company results.

Seniority Merit: Personalized Structure


- Minimum 2 (two) years experience as a Chief Officer and 3 (three) year as certified watchkeeping Deck Officer.
- Must hold a valid Master's Certificate meeting STCW '95 standard, section A-II/2 with equivalent Bahamian endorsement.
- Must hold all valid STCW and SOLAS training certificates
- Must have very good administrative skills (proficient in Outlook, Word, Excel and AMOS-W).
- Must be fluent in written and spoken English (needs to score at least 90% in the onboard English proficiency test).
- Must be able to remain calm under pressure.
- Must be able to communicate and implement corrective action steps in an effective, yet diplomatic fashion.