1st Officer


- Watch keeping duties as scheduled by the Captain.
- Set up and oversee tender and marina operations and to ensure that tender drivers are qualified and have received adequate training and instructions.
- Ensure that marina equipment are in good working conditions and to report all deficiencies to Vice Captain.
- Make entries in the AMOS-W system and ensure the history of maintenance and testing is accurately logged for items assigned to his/her responsibility.
- Assist the Vice Captain with deck maintenance and to oversee work orders to be completed according to the AMOS system.
- Assist Vice Captain with tank inspections and report findings back for logging into the AMOS system/Tank Log.
- Assist Vice Captain with Requisition for Deck Department.
- Check the Gangway set-up and tender arrangements upon arrival.
- Responsible for Submarine General cleaning and Maintenance.
- Assist Vice Captain with Deck working hours and Overtime calculation every month.
- Responsibilities are not limited to the above.

Employment type: Yacht - Mutual Notice

Rotation: 8 Weeks Onboard / 8 Weeks Vacation

Medical Insurance: Sick pay and doctor/hospital expenses coverage for up to 12 months

Benefits: Family visits on board allowed after 2 months

Seniority Merit: Starts 2nd year of employment


- Minimum of 1 year working experience as a Certificated Watch-keeping Deck Officer is preferred.
- Navigational Watch Certificate meeting STCW '95 standard, section A-II/2 with equivalent Bahamian endorsement preferred.
- Must hold all valid STCW and SOLAS training certificates.
- Must be fluent in written and spoken English (needs to score at least 90% in the onboard English proficiency test).