HR Director


Aim of the Position:

As onboard HR Director, you will be the cruise line's culture Ambassador responsible for managing our Crew and supporting Company Business strategy.

Main responsibilities:

- Identifying and reporting potential ways to simplify HR processes by proposing valid alternatives.

- Running the onboard HR desk and participating in recruitment, internal mobility and talent scouting processes.

- Assisting the Captain in conducting random checks on compliance, disciplinary disembarkations, ethical misconduct and onboard Crew complaints.

- Coordinating the Welfare Committee to ensure high-quality Crew recreational activities and promoting diversity and inclusion initiatives

- Welcoming newly hired personnel and explaining them the main onboard rules to facilitate a smooth integration.

- Overseeing the quality of learning and development activities.

- Assisting Evaluators and Evaluatees during the evaluation process.

- Facilitating the resolution of potential conflicts between Crew Members

- Support the Shore Office Management in planning and improving HR processes and project.


- Bachelor's degree (or foreign equivalent) from an accredited University or College in Human Resources, Business Administration, Psychology or related field
- At least 3 years’ experience managing a staff
- At least 2 years’ experience in Recruiting and Industrial Relations