Chief Repairman


Department: Engine

Job Summary
• Chief Repairman
• As directed

Responsibility and Authority:
• Commit to the Company’s Core Values – flawless execution, dedication to family & community, spirit of entrepreneurship, financial excellence and environmental stewardship.
• Assume personal responsibility for safety and NCLH’s impact upon the environment..
• Performs major and specialized mechanical overhaul and repair work in marine equipment to determine needs for repairs or adjustments.
• Repair and maintenance of hydraulic equipment and valves.
• Operates hand and power tools associated with marine engine and equipment.
• Team leader of engine room daily workers.
• Supervise and assist in training of Mechanic and Asst. Mechanic.
• Notify the Engine Storekeeper regarding working consumables to be ordered.
• Preventing spares and tools from being damaged due to poor handling or exposure to the weather.
• Implement all safe working practices in all tasks, including proper use of watertight doors, handling of chemical products and usage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
• Any additional duties as directed by the Staff Chief Engineer.
• All other duties as assigned.

Subordinate Positions:
• N/A
Reports to:
• Staff Chief Engineer


Education and Experience
• Experience on vessels in equivalent position.
• Knowledge of the Company SMS.
• Skills including but not limited to:
i. Team Work
ii. Engine Room Experience