Bar Manager



- To ensure the smooth running of the Bar Department on a day-to-day basis, in line with the Company’s standards and policies as outlined in the bar operations manual, and in the Human Resources manual.
- To improve and maintain sales and profitability.
- To provide guests with courteous and professional service.
- To minimize/eliminate guests’ complaints.


- Carries out supervisory responsibilities in accordance with the organization’s policies and applicable laws. Responsibilities include familiarizing and training employees; planning, assigning and directing work; appraising performance; rewarding and disciplining employees; addressing complaints and resolving problems.
- Timely handling and resolving of guest complaints regarding the bar area and beverage service and assists guests who have complaints that affect any other departments on the vessel.
- Supervises and is responsible for the adherence to the drinking age policy.
- Continuously conducts training sessions with his/her staff covering all aspects of service: warmly greeting guests by their names, properly taking their orders, practicing up-selling techniques, utilizing correct glassware and mycology, correct use of registers and properly serving requested drinks.
- Introduces new bar staff hires to the bar operations using the “buddy system” to ensure a smooth transition to on board life on the vessel. Relates and reinforces our Company’s “No Tolerance” Sexual Harassment Policy and enforces the policy when applicable.
- Upkeep and maintenance of all ships’ bars, lounges, decks, service bars and bar storage areas. Directly supervises the cleanliness and appearance of all lounges, bar pantries and open decks.
- Maintains sufficient inventory of bar support items; such as glassware, bar checks, snacks, coasters, napkins, etc., to ensure an efficient bar operation according to the Company’s standard.
- The Bar Manager is in charge of making all orders (based on the par levels and consumption reports) for the bar supplies, liquors, wines, and other beverages. The Bar Manager is responsible to carefully re-check the order keeping in mind special promotions or requests/groups/functions/ships repositioning and next receiving dates etc.
- The Bar Manager is fully accountable and responsible for the Bar Stores. The Bar Storekeeper will report directly to the Bar Manager and the Provisions Team will assist all loadings.
- The Bar Manager is also to approve and oversee all bar requisitions, inventories, bar par levels, transfers, cocktail parties, time and locations, cost control, opening/closing bar hours, and working schedules.
- Provides all bar sales and cost reports including bar par levels, bar schedules, wine inventory settlements, bar waiter’s target and sales reports, wine, mineral water and coffee sales reports, bar personnel evaluation reports, product mix reports, and beverage analysis reports.
- Organizes staffing for cocktail parties and supervises and insures that the cocktail party is efficiently operated. Coordinates with the Galley, timely delivery of canapés served for prepaid cocktail parties. Has knowledge of correct cocktail party pricing and is knowledgeable with current shipboard signing privileges.
- Supervises weekly bar staff meetings and attends and contributes to the various meetings (Hotel Directors meetings, USPH Inspections, Revenue Meetings, Voyage Meetings and Daily Briefings), and follows up in a timely manner.
- Makes work schedules to cover all bar areas of the ship during planned activities.
- Is responsible for scheduling the bar team to the In Port Manning Duty List using the TTG system.
- Is responsible for ensuring that all equipment installed in his/her jurisdiction is kept in a good working condition. Any damages or malfunctions are to be immediately reported via the Light House Program.
- Is responsible that all bar personnel have clean and proper uniforms, nametags and palm pins at all times.
- Generates new ideas and methods to increase bar revenues and improve bar service.
- Has full knowledge of current U.S.P.H. rules and regulations and maintains U.S.P.H. standards throughout the bar operations at all times.
- Must reduce costs where possible and ensure that control procedures are maintained and functioning up to the required standards.
- Makes sure entertainment (live music, events, and activities) is scheduled to satisfy guest attendance in lounges.
- Must evaluate his/her staff as per company procedures.
- Must request and/or advise through shore side Management position changes (promotions), payroll change, crew request, crew certification, emergency leave, resignations, medical ashore / parole, missed ship and termination of employment.



- Participates in safety drills according to instructions.
- Complies with company safety and pollution prevention regulations and operating procedures. Education / Training
- Minimum of 5 years beverage-related management experience.

Language requirements:
- Fluent English