2nd Officer - 6 star Mega Yacht


- Perform watch keeping duties as scheduled by the Master.
- In charge of GMDSS equipment operation and required testing.
- Responsible for the GMDSS log.
- Ensure proper maintenance of all navigational instruments, (including arranging periodic outside service calls for instruments through the Vice Captain), when appropriate.
- Keeper of the Deck Log as well as the Official Deck Log books. To ensure that all required information is entered and proper signatures made in the log book(s).
- Make entries in the AMOS-W system and ensure the history of maintenance and testing is accurately logged for items assigned to his/her responsibility.
- Document mooring arrangements in new ports of call with pictures and diagrams.
- Keep the weekly Sounding file updated and submit a weekly report to the Vice Captain.
- Keep the BMA Bulletin / Safety Alert / Technical Alert file updated and submit a report to the Vice Captain.
- Keep the Flag Inventory file updated and submit a monthly report to the Vice Captain.
- Keep Bridge Checklists folder in order and make sure that checklists in use are latest revision.
MXP provisioning for the Bridge.
- Prepare End of Cruise Report & Weekly Data Collection and submit to the Captain.
- Adhere to all Company Policies and Procedures, Manuals and Directives.
- Other responsibilities as assigned by the Master or the Vice Captain but not limited to the above.

Employment type: Ocean - Mutual Notice

Rotation: 12 Weeks Onboard / 12 Weeks Vacation

Pension Scheme: Voluntary Pension Plan in effect after 12 months, consisting of a 7% contribution from the employer and minimum 2% from the employee.

Medical Insurance: Sick pay and doctor/hospital expenses coverage for up to 12 months

Benefits: Family visits on board allowed after 2 months

Benefits details:

- Reimbursement of industry required training
- Reimbursement C1/D Visa and other required visas
- Free travel to and from the ship
- Yearly bonus, pending vessel and company results.

Seniority MeritStarts 2nd year of employment


Required qualifications, skills and experience

- Minimum of 1 year working experience as a Certificated Watch-keeping Deck Officer preferred.
- Navigational Watch Certificate meeting current STCW standard, section A-II/2 with equivalent Bahamian endorsement preferred.
- Must hold all valid STCW and SOLAS training certificates that are required.
- Must be fluent in written and spoken English (needs to score at least 90% in the onboard English proficiency test).