The Public Health Compliance Officer provides support to the entire ship regarding compliance with and training for the requirements of USPH, EU ShipSan, ANVISA,other international public health standards, and company standards to protect the health of guests and crew.

• Conducts inspections to determine compliance with international public health regulations and company procedures,

• Prepares inspection reports and coordinates corrective actions for findings;

• Conduct spot-checks daily to ensure compliance and address discrepancies;

• Monitors and audits all logs related with Public Health activities as required company procedures;

• Conducts public health training for all Deck, Engine and Hotel personnel;

• Conducts a public health briefing during induction training for all crew members;

• Maintains public health training records,

• Participates in all external public health inspections and assists staff with corrective actions;

• Attends Safety Committee Meeting to discuss any public health related matters;

• Performs monthly E.coli testing of the potable water system and any other microbiological tests, as required,

• Evaluates existing standard procedures and suggests changes/improvement to ship management and shore side personnel.


(skills, competencies, experience)

• Fluent oral and written English to interpret technical manuals and for shipboard safety. Other languages are considered a benefit;

• High School education or higher. College degree in a public health field may substitute for some experience;

• Outstanding knowledge of Public Health regulations and procedures (USPH, Shipsan, ANVISA). Preferred: Shipboard experience;

• Knowledge, of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint), Windows software knowledge;

• Proficient knowledge of Vessel Sanitation Program (USPH) regulations and procedures;

• Must be knowledgeable in HACCP;

• Must be able to initiate and conduct inspections and prepare hygiene inspection reports in USPH style;

• Strong organizational, interpersonal and communication skills; ability to interact with senior-level management and owner representatives.

Possess a valid passport and when possible a seaman book. Visa requirement will depend on ship’s area of operation.