Chef de Cuisine Main Galley and Chef Outlet


Chef de Cuisine Main Galley is the 2nd in command to Executive Chef. Chef de Cuisine for the Italian Outlet, is responsible for our Italian restaurant Prego. This is a permanent position to relief the CDC MG and CDC Italian outlet while chefs are on vacation.

Chef de Cuisine Main Galley responsibility:

- Full responsibility of food preparation and food area, to oversee the daily operations of Main Galley, Crew Galley, and all Galley preparation room areas.
- Cost Control.
- Take active part in food preparation, to ensure the products are prepared to highest possible standard.
- Ensure that Galley Equipment is maintained properly, cleanliness and keep safe food handling.
- Establish work schedule and rotations.
- To train, coach and support Galley personnel.
- To conduct performance appraisals.
- Ensure that the Main Galley, Crew Galley and all Galley preparation room areas comply with USPH regulations.

Chef de Cuisine Prego responsibility:

- Oversee the daily Prego Galley operation, safe food handling of Galley personnel
- To take active part in the actual food preparation
- To train, coach, council, support and delegate all of the Prego Galley Staff.
- Ensure that the Main Galley, Crew Galley and all Galley preparation room areas comply with USPH regulations

Employment type: Ocean - Mutual Notice

Rotation: 4 Months Onboard / 2 Months Vacation

Medical Insurance: Sick pay and doctor/hospital expenses coverage for up to 12 months

Benefits details:

Reimbursement of STCW after successfully completed
• Reimbursement C1/D Visa
• Reimbursement of Medical expenses
• Free travel to/from the ship
• Paid uniform (not including shoes)
• Single cabin
• WIFI- per 30 minutes free access per day
• Crew Mess
• Free Crew Laundry
• Crew Sun Deck
• Crew Gym


- Culinary Institute Diploma/Chef Certification or other relevant apprenticeship required.
- Minimum 3 years experience in a luxury establishment as Chef de Cuisine.
- Experience in large luxury food operation - luxury cruise ship industry preferred.
- A sound knowledge of culinary arts and fine dining is essential.
- Understand all aspects of thr kitchen including bakery, pastry, butchery and fish preparation ares, hot and cold kitchen.
- Highly motivated with strong drive, high level of energy and flexibility.
- Fluent in English in written and spoken English.