Electronic Engineer Jr. Entertainment



The Electronic Engineer Jr. Entertainment is to maintain high standard of quality in technical aspects of Broadcast, Audio-Visual, Sound, Lights & Rigging Systems onboard. Responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of all entertainment systems contributing to higher guest satisfaction.

- Have a technical understanding of all entertainment systems & equipment installed onboard.
- Have an intimate understanding of equipment operated during shows, promos, live events (TV and Satellite), CMI, private charter, advertising and assist in coordinating the equipment required for such to be well maintained in order to ensure overall highest guest satisfaction.
- Responsible for all Sound & Light and Rigging maintenance, upkeep.
- Assist with general cleaning of Entertainment effect lighting along with Amplifier filters etc. to ensure all areas are dust and debris free with the assistance of Entertainment technicians and scheduled by Technical supervisor.
- Responsible for Broadcast Center maintenance.
- Responsible for second level iTV systems support for Broadcast systems.
- Attend training as needed at various manufacturer training programs as defined by Director Entertainment Technical.
- Assist Hotel Operation with support in daily operation, new installs and upgrades as required for Entertainment systems
- Carry out inspection with Manager Entertainment Technical in preparation for Dry Docks.
- Assist at dry dock and ship launches for inspections & audits etc.
- Follow Amos maintenance system as directed by Chief Electrical Engineer and maintain a tracking document for all lighting fixtures and technical equipment for asset tracking.
- Ensure vessel has relevant spare parts within Amos for maintenance of all Entertainment systems and equipment as needed for preventive maintenance.
- Ensure all Entertainment systems in use onboard comply with shipboard Operational Safety, SEMS and SOX requirements, including industrial safety certifications.
- Must be familiar with the Safety and Environmental Protection Policy, the Safety and Environmental Management System including responsibilities in the Safety Organization according to the Emergency Plan and Station Bill and carry out the policies and procedures appropriate for the position.
- Performs other related duties as assigned or as directed. The omission of specific duties does not preclude the supervisor from assigning duties that are logically related to the position.
- Must be familiar with the Safety and Environmental Protection Policy and the SEMS, and carry out the policies and procedures appropriate for his/her position.


- Minimum three years experience of bench level electronics & maintenance onboard a vessel or in a similar position in the entertainment industry is required.
- Intermediate to Advanced level of knowledge and skills with both Windows & Mac systems, including proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel & Amos is required.
- Intermediate to Advanced level of knowledge and experience in the operation of entertainment technical systems, such as lighting, sound or automation is required; basic operational knowledge of rigging equipment is preferred.
- Intermediate to Advanced level English verbal and writing skills, including the proper use of English grammar is required.