Night Audit Officer


Primary Function: Responsible for daily auditing including the verification, balancing of entries and recording of financial transactions reported by various hotel departments during day in the Fidelio Shipboard Property Management System (SPMS). Oversight and supervision of Front Office staff and the overall Front Office operations during the night hours; attending to all guest opportunities which occur during this timeframe.

Reports To: Purser

Major Responsibilities:

1. Daily auditing of financial transactions, balancing of entries, recoding financial transactions in Fidelio Shipboard Property Management System. Create and maintain voyage information in Fidelio.

2. Night Management; respond to guest concerns and related ship issues during the night in conjunction with the night Guest Relations staff to resolve the issue in the best manner possible. Create a thorough report of night issues and distribute to ship’s management at the end of night shift. Ensure complete handover with incoming daytime Guest Relations staff.

3. Process guest credit card information and obtain authorization on a daily basis. Ensure all guests have a method of payment registered; follow-up declined credit cards per Marine Hotel Accounting policies. Ensure any mid-cruise disembarkation settlements are processed.

4. Create and maintain any Master Accounts required, ensure payment (CPO, CC, etc) is documented, and all backup is complete.

5. Prepare, print and verify Guest Identification Cards and Beverage Cards for upcoming voyage.

6. Update and maintain correct pricing information in Fidelio system.

7. Ensure all guest demographic data (passport info, birthdate, emergency address, etc) is input and complete (with Guest Relations staff) after the cruise starts and that data is maintained by Guest Relations staff ongoing during the cruise in order to produce accurate Emergency Contact report, manifests, etc.

8. Ensure the administration of the guests’ Loyalty Program information and discounts is verified and maintained accurately.

9. Maintain and monitor all House and Company Accounts, ensure correct usage, authorization, backup and payment methods secured (for Pay-to-Purser, CASO for company charges, etc).

10. Ensure accurate charge inputting by all departments utilizing the Micros system, manual charges by Night Audit Officer Clerk. Maintain and file all backup and receipts as required.

11. Post daily Hotel Service Charge (HSC) to guest and master accounts. Complete daily HSC tracking file and ensure HSC bookings correspond accurately with the Daily/PCD file.

12. Monitor all Beverage Service Charge (BSC) in Fidelio/Micros to ensure they are in compliance with company policy, ie. no company account BSC, correct package charging, etc. Complete and balance daily BSC Day-to-Day tracking file, send to applicable department heads.

13. Administer and process all Gift Orders, GAP, Shipboard credits and any other promotions/packages provided and sold to guests. Monitor, update and resolve issues during the cruise, and ensure Gift Order/GAP final voyage documentation is complete with backup and balanced.

14. Create the Daily Reconciliation (Dalrec) in Fidelio and check that all manual and outlet charges are posted to correct revenue centers, that all payments are recorded correctly and that the Dalrec is balanced daily. Distribute Dalrec report to applicable departments.

15. Produce accurate and timely onboard statements for all shipboard accounts; guest, crew, group and house accounts. This includes statements for any disembarking during cruise, preliminary billing if applicable and corrections of any discrepancies, and final billing.

16. Complete end of voyage processing and voyage closing. Ensure that all guest, crew and company accounts have been paid (including processing of in-transit balances). Complete and balance all Dalrec accounts and produce necessary backup reports as per accounting and auditing requirements.

17. Send all End of Voyage reporting in a timely manner as required, and ensure all reports are correctly placed in E-Voyage. Ensure all corresponding backup is sent, filed, and any necessary hardcopies are filed or sent as required.

18. Monitor all departments using the Micros system (concessionaires, beverage, etc) and assist with resolving any discrepancies or issues in Micros usage, charging, training, etc. Ensure Micros card issuing and administration is accurate and timely.

19. Supervise Hard/Soft count of Casino after Casino closing each night. Maintain the casino backup tapes as per audit requirements.

20. Supervise, direct, and train as necessary any/all employees assigned to the Front Office during the Night time hours, including but not limited to the Night Audit Officer clerk and Guest Relations Attendant.

21. Maintain filing system for incoming directives, all communication, and information in a consistent manner to facilitate accurate retrieval and handover at contract end.

22. In all cash handling duties, ensure that cash is handled by everyone in the Night team in a manner consistent with established policies and procedures.

23. Under the direction of the Purser, work with the Crew Officer (CO) as needed/required to assist with specific projects or situations.

24. Perform the task of "First Responder" as outlined in MR 100-Firefighting Doctrine.

25. Perform other duties as assigned including Health, Employee Safety and Security tasks.


- Relevant work exeprience
- Fluency in English