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Program Publisher



Under the supervision of Cruise Director, the Program Publisher edits and translates the ship’s Daily Program and Daily Specials.


• Edits the Daily Program and the Daily Specials in all common languages on board according to the company’s standard production procedure;

• Prepares the context of Daily Program and Daily Specials according to company standard and asks for further approvals;

• Translates approved Daily Program and Daily Specials into the most common languages on board;

• Finalises and verifies all information is accurate on the Daily Programs and Daily Specials;

• Sends out final version for printing and coordinates with bellboys to deliver the programs to all guests’ cabins and other distribution points;

• Delivers the latest version of the Daily Program and Daily Specials to related departments;

• Maintains exclusive access to the Program Publisher’s computer with password protection and prevents illegals software installed or used in the computer;

• Provides trainings to new Program Publisher if required.


(skills, competencies, experience)

• High School graduated;

• Fluent in written and spoken Italian and English plus one of the following languages such as German, Portuguese, Spanish or French;

• Qualified and proven language translation skills between Italian and English plus at least one major European language (German, Portuguese, Spanish or French);

• Able to work with Publisher, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and graphic software including Abode CS (Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign);

• Adequate working knowledge of Mac / Windows System on desktop / laptop;

• Ability to use integration programs which link text programs with graphic programs;

• Ability to operate a multi-production printing machine (Isograph type) either in stand-alone or direct interface configuration (between computer and printer);

• Self Confidence, adaptability and flexibility;

• To be a team player and problem solving oriented.


• Possess a valid passport and when possible a seaman book copy.