Miniclub Entertainer



Working in a team, the Miniclub Entertainer organises children’s and teen’s activities in a safe and responsible way, to help in delivering an all-round enjoyable and fun cruise experience to all families, achieving a high score on the customer satisfaction surveys.


• Welcomes and looks after groups of children from various nationalities aged 3 to 12 years;

• Promotes and organises children’s activities (games, sport activities, etc.) whilst building trust with their parents;

• Engages children of all ages, promoting interaction between them;

• Liaises with the entertainment team to organise events/activities for families;

• Handles complaints and queries;

• Looks after toys, tools and other equipment.


(skills, competencies, experience)

• Fluent English, oral and written and at least in 2 of the following languages: German, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, Chinese. Any additional language is considered an advantage;

• High School certificate together with an evidence of appropriate training and qualification to work directly with children;

• At least 2 years’ referenced experience as an entertainer for children (Miniclub in Hotels, Camps, Cruiselines, etc.);

• Computer literacy;

• STCW95 certification is compulsory (basic fire fighting, personal survival techniques, elementary first aid, personal security and social responsibility);

• A recognised medical certification is required before starting to work on board.


• Possess a valid passport and when possible a seaman book copy.