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ITV Host-Hostess-Major Cruise Line



Under the supervision of ITV Coordinator, the ITV Host-Hostess draws up the texts for the on board Interactive television.


• Updates and verifies the details of Ship’s Daily Program and uploads it onto the ITV system before printing;

• Assists to translate Ship’s Daily Activity, Excursions, Promotions and Services into following languages for transmission on the ITV Menu: Italian/English/German/French/Spanish/Portuguese;

• Prepares all graphics material for publicity/advertising for the OBR Manager align with company standard and inserts onto the ITV System accordingly;

• Arranges previous promotional messages and provides it to OBR Coordinator at the beginning of the cruise;

• Supports the ITV Coordinator in managing the ITV system contents;

• Maintains exclusive access to the ITV Host/Hostess’s computer with password protection and prevents illegals software installed or used in the computer;

• Provides trainings to new ITV Host-Hostess if required.


(skills, competencies, experience)

• High School graduated;

• Fluent in written and spoken Italian and English plus one of the following languages such as German, Portuguese, Spanish or French;

• Qualified and proven language translation skills between Italian and English plus at least one major European language (German, Portuguese, Spanish or French);

• Able to work with Publisher, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and graphic software including Abode CS (Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign);

• Adequate working knowledge of Mac / Windows System on desktop / laptop;

• Ability to use integration programs which link text programs with graphic programs;

• Ability to operate a multi-production printing machine (Isograph type) either in stand-alone or direct interface configuration (between computer and printer);

• Self Confidence, adaptability and flexibility;

• To be a team player and problem solving oriented.

• Possess a valid passport and when possible a seaman book copy.