Guest Service Assistant Manager-Mandarin Language


The Guest Service Assistant Manager has the same duties as the Guest Service Manager. He/she is to offer support and to perform all of the same duties as the Guest Service Manager, including problem solving, especially in the Guest Service Manager’s absence. A schedule is setup whereby either the Guest Service Manager or the Guest Service Assistant Manager is on duty to cover the Guest Services Desk area for most of the day/evening; both during peak periods. The same rule applies to being on call; one and/or the other should be on call during off hours to handle more serious guest matters that may arise. Responsible for embarkation/disembarkation processes. In order to consistently exceed guest expectations and provide the highest levels of product and services, additional duties and responsibilities may be assigned as needed.

- Coordinates with the Guest Services Desk team to monitor service and quality control. Assists the Guest Service Manager with problem-solving per the Guest Recovery Program.
- Trains and motivates the Guest Services staff to be consistently upbeat, friendly and outgoing and fully familiar with the ship facilities. Ensures staff adherence to the established policies and procedures.
- Reviews the Maintenance Control Log & Guest Concerns Log on a daily basis and ensures the Guest Services Desk team are entering the details accurately and following the call back system. Escalate recurring problems immediately in order to maintain a high-level of guest satisfaction and to avoid complaints.
- Responsible for all Immigration, Customs and visa matters, the embarkation and disembarkation process, ship certificates, and documentation that relate to port clearances.
- Primary liaison between the ship and local port agents for the Captain and passenger related matters. Coordinates the disembarkation and embarkation setups and procedures with ship and ground staff, as well as the clearance of the vessel with local authorities in each port of call. Ensures the vessel is in compliance with all legal passenger citizenship/visa documentation and that the company’s “Zero Tolerance Policy” is maintained.
- Responsible for importing the voyage download file from Freestyle Connect into Fidelio according to the established SOP. Also responsible to create and maintain all associated reports regarding passenger and crew reporting and movement.
- Ensures the passenger manifest is updated and accurate, reflecting stateroom changes, guests boarding mid-voyage, etc. Manages process dealing with guest stateroom change requests in coordination with the GSM.
- Manages the process of properly manifesting items to be offloaded from the vessel.
- Responsible for organizing, processing, and the software used in facilitating the onboard airline check-in program used by the company world-wide.
- Handles airline ticket change requests for air/sea guests and assists guests having to make an emergency disembarkation.
- Liaison with Port Agent and responsible to complete PARF (Port Agent Request Form) when required.
- Verifies that accurate stateroom status and guest accounting information is maintained and communicated to the CFA and FA. Ensures the Guest Services Staff balance their cash boxes on a daily basis, as well as audit their cash boxes on a weekly basis in conjunction with the Financial Department.
- Responsible for lost and found items reported at the Guest Services Desk, ensuring that proper in and out records/signatures are maintained.
- Performs other related duties as assigned or as directed. The omission of specific duties does not preclude the supervisor from assigning duties that are logically related to the position.


- Two-year Associates degree or equivalent in Public Relations and/or Hotel Management from a recognized hotel institution.
- Two years of management experience in Hotel and/or hospitality establishments; or two-year management experience in Front office related positions on board ships.
- Intermediate to advanced verbal and written level of English is required.
- Intermediate to advanced verbal and written level in at least one other language such as German, Spanish, French or Italian is preferred.
- Intermediate to advanced skills in typing and computer software skills (Microsoft Word, Excel, Fidelio Cruise, Micros).
- Must be able to efficiently organize and supervise a Guest Services staff from 10 to 30 persons.
- Maintains and appropriately schedules Guest Services Staff, Group Services Coordinator and the Concierge so that all guest service areas are properly staffed at all times while constantly monitoring staffing needs and budgetary guidelines.